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Jun 23, 2008 09:52 AM

Artichoke Pizza-the Secret

Finally figured out how to get two hot freshly made slices in 5 minutes. 1.Park car across the street. 2. Go Sunday night around 6pm 3.Wait for absolute drenching torrential downpour preferably with thunder and lightning. 4.Stroll right in and get incredible slices.

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  1. Or pre order a pie! Fresh as can be and you dont have to wait in line...

    1. GG, does this method still work if you don't have a car? ; )

      Preordering whole pies does work, but then you have to get a whole pie.

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      1. re: racer x

        the heavy rain thing didnt work for me the other afternoon. still waited a good 15-20 minutes outside under my umbrella during a pretty good downpour and the line just grew longer. rain isnt going to keep diehard pizza lovers away.
        and it was worth every minute.

        1. re: racer x

          yes, but trust me, this pizza is incredible leftover..throw it in the toaster oven on oven..let it get nice and crispy!

          1. re: racer x

            How much is a whole pie? Also, since the hours are so vague, does the phone ring and ring when they're not open or is there some sort of message? Or do you have to walk in and order the pie and wait?

            1. re: esyle

              The round pie is $15 and square is $20. You can call and order, but they don't have a machine, or at least didn't the last time I called. You can also walk in and order it and then come back. Actually, the last 2 times I went and there were big lines, the guy at the front kept shouting out, anyone who wants a whole pie can come to the front and buy one. Not sure why they kept doing it, but one of the times I took advantage.

              1. re: offthebeatenpath1

                Were we the only ones who hated their pizza? We tried various kinds and didn't finish any. The spinach tasted sour and was gloppy. Crust was thick, burned and tasteless. I'm baffled.

                1. re: tsiblis

                  The pizza is gloppy, no matter what kind you get. I am starting to wain from it and will probably start going to other slice joints. The novelty has worn off of having something different. The crust is on the thick side and I much prefer the square to the round. The artichoke is too rich for me. It is a good treat to split, perhaps with 3 friends.

                  1. re: offthebeatenpath1

                    I won't go all the way to hate, but I didn't think the artichoke slice was all that. The crust was...monotonous? Too doughy for me, and without any crunch or char or something to give it a little zing. The topping was basically artichoke dip - again, kind of bland. I also tasted the plain slice, which I liked better, but I thought the sauce was too sweet. At 7pm on Friday night, the wait was under 10:00. Should I go back for the square slice? is the bloom just off this rose?

                    1. re: small h

                      The square slices are so much better than the others, I can't see myself ever ordering anything else. I wasn't a fan of the artichoke pizza, but the plain pizza was still very solid.

                      I've been waiting for backlash against Artichoke on here. Any time pizza becomes too popular too fast, there will be a big backlash of nay-sayers, but it's still solid pizza.

                      1. re: heWho

                        I agree but even the square (my favorite) has its issues. I find that they burn (not merely char) the crust so badly on the square (which is often thinner than the round and the ridiculouusly doughy artichoke) that I have to order 3 square slices to get 2 salvageable slices.

                      2. re: small h

                        Ok, I've now been back for the heralded square slice. Gracious, it is a fine thing. Redolent with basil, just the right amount of cheese, faultless sauce, and a crust just this side of burnt (which is the gold standard of crust, according to me). My only complaint is that my companion ate like half of it after saying he wasn't really in the mood for pizza.

                    2. re: tsiblis

                      I agree--the artichoke wasn't bad, but it tasted rather like campbells soup on a pizza. Not worth the wait. Still want to try the regular slice, as it would be nice to find a fresh slice in the area.

                  2. re: esyle

                    i think a whole pie was like 16 or something. the phone will just ring if they're not there i believe.
                    if you go there and order, you will have to wait in the line to do so which can be up to 45 minutes!!

                2. Have to say, this pizza is massively overrated. If I wanted artichoke and spinach dip I'd order it somewhere else, not ask for it slopped onto heavy, overcooked pizza dough.

                  1. Followed your advice with a few variations. 1. Parked in front. 2. Went Sunday at around 7pm. 3. Waited for predicted thunderstorms - none came, so went across the street to the Qi Gong joint and got a GREAT 1 hour massage. 4. Staggered out of Qi Gong joint and saw that line at Artichoke was only 4 people so I finally tried it. Got the plain slice. After the first bite or two I thought it was really delicious, but by the time I finished it I wasn't quite as thrilled. I'm not sure why. Don't get me wrong. It was really yummy, but I guess I'm used to more pedestrian NY pizza. When I feel like "pizza," I'll probably go elsewhere, but I'm sure there'll be times I feel like "Artichoke" and be perfectly happy going back. Ahh, but that massage...

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                    1. re: foodluvngal

                      Did you try square or round? I really think the square is the way to go.

                      1. re: foodluvngal

                        foodluvngal, I agree it wasn't memorable for me either. I had a square and an artichoke slice. The square had decent flavor, but the crust was way too overcooked. I usually enjoy square slices, but this was rock solid. As for the artichoke, it again was plaqued by poor crust/dough. In this case it was the only thing holding this pizza together because of all the artichoke dip thrown on top. I wish I had some chips to dip into the pizza.

                        1. re: foodluvngal

                          foodluvngal: lol literally at #s 1-4.

                          1. re: foodluvngal

                            Huh. I live in the building next door and always thought that the massage place was a front for other . . . . activities. They've now opened a 24 hour juice/bubble tea place in the front of their space, so if you time it right you can get a massage, a restorative drink and a slice in one fell swoop.

                          2. The more I learn about the *constant* inconsistencies encountered with the pizza crust[s] at Artichoke, the more I seem to shy away. I thought these were seasoned pizza-makers whose competency I didn't have to question. Why can't these guys make a consistent good (not burnt) pizza? Not to mention, the gates are down more often than they are up. Seems like they've got to get it together yet.