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Jun 23, 2008 09:50 AM

Great Group Suggestion in Back Bay or Beacon Hill

Hi Boston hounds,
I'm visiting in a few weeks and will be taking out two groups of friends for nice dinners while I'm in town. I have a reservation at L'Espalier, but I still need to line up one more restaurant for a Saturday night. I was thinking No 9 Park. Where else would you recommend? Any new spots that would be comparable?


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  1. What about Via Matta? It's not new, but I've been there several times with groups and it has always been lovely. Eastern Standard is perhaps not quite as fancy, but it has a great, energetic vibe and the cocktail list cannot be beat.

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      Personal favorites include No.9 Park, Clio, Toro, Teatro and Hammersley's Bistro. No.9 and Clio skew on the more expensive side, yet Toro and Teatro are fun and lively.