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Jun 23, 2008 09:49 AM

Milford, CT - Beach House, Bin 100 or Bistro Basque?

Shame on me, I live right next door in Stratford, but I have yet to make it to any of the three noted above. Since I have heard mostly positive feedback about all three, I'm ready to give them all a shot myself. Any thoughts regarding which one should be at the top of my list? Or is there another place in Milford that is better?

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Bistro Basque is amazing, I would definitely put that at the top.

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    1. re: EastRocker

      Beach House...visually stunning bar....mediocre overpriced food

      bin100 - as per my earlier posts, terrific when they first opened with an interesting, innovative menu. Far less so since they "dumbed it down." Food is still good, but nowhere near as exciting and $22 for a pedestrian chicken dish a la carte is just not worth the money

      Bistro Basque - consistently excellent!

    2. I'd give the nod to Bistro Basque. Our two experiences at Bin 100 were mixed.

      Certainly not "better" than either of these, Johnny Ray's is the only other place I can think of in Milford and I can't really recommend it from my 2-28 experience. It seems to have improved (from a couple of comments here on CH).
      Don't forget to try Crave, in Ansonia!

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      1. re: Scargod

        Hands down Bin 100. The staff is great. The food is delicious and consistent.
        As for Bistro we ordered about 6 tapas of which one was mediocare at best.
        I agree with scargod on Johnny Rays what a disappointment, especially the bar staff. They were not knowledgeable what so ever and acted like we were bothering them rather than patronizing the establishment. As for Beach House have yet to make it in but with the posting on CH not impressed....You must try River Street Grille on well River Street lol.. Happy Eating!

      2. Never been to the Beach House, but I'll vote for Bistro Basque. Bin 100 was hit and miss.

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        1. re: redfox697

          I concur with a lot of what has been written here. I thought that Beach House was overpriced and mediocre. The bar is a visual stunner, but I think that for the dollars, there are far better alternatives.
          As those of you who read my ramblings may note, I loved bin100 when it first opened, combining wonderful, innovative food with excellent service. The revised menu, however, was so "dumb-downed" that apart from some of the apps, it was downright pedestrian, and again, for the prices, we felt very let down.
          That being said, we have been a fan of Bistro Basque since its opening and have consistently enjoyed their food (as well as the hospitality of David, the owner, and Leonardo, maitre'd). After a lapse of a few months, we had dinner there last Thursday night and the food as absolutely dazzling! We all had seafood dishes - a special of dorado, scallops, paella - and everything we ate was absolutely delicious.
 recommendation - Bistro Basque!

        2. Thanks to all for the feedback -- Bistro Basque would seem to be the clear winner. I'll agree about the "dumbing down" of bin100's menu. I remember reading very positive reviews a few months ago, however when I recently went to their website and read the menu, I found it incredibly pedestrian and wholly uninspiring. The hard part now is finding the time to try out BB as I work during the day and my wife works at night (on weekends, too) so we rarely get the chance to enjoy a leisurely sit-down dinner anymore. Ugh!

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          1. re: bcsuka

            Just a note......this week's Connecticut section of the NY Times gave bin100 a "fair," which is about as lousy a rating as they give. Once again, I lament the decision to make the menu non-descript and to not even execute the same old-same old dishes with consistency (the critic's main complaint - her first visit was good...her second was not).
            Alternatively, we ate at Bistro Basque last night, and as is the norm, enjoyed a wonderful, well prepared meal. What is a "plus" to dining there is that it has become something of a "scene" for downtown Milford and even when we left (around 10:15), the place was hopping, both in the dining room and the bar.
            Owner David has really created a terrific addition to the Milford dining scene.

            1. re: lsnhc

              Read the same review and one could hope that they will get the message and make the food as good as the service.
              Agree that Bistro Basque, while smallish (and gets noisy), is terrific.

              1. re: lsnhc

                We went with 2 friends on Saturday night and sat out on their wonderful patio. I didn't know they had one, so I was very surprised and pleased when I saw it. You go out the back door and step out onto a wonderful meandering path with a table here and a table there. There are about 10 tables on the patio. It is very nice. Unfortunately, it started to sprinkle and we had to go inside. We were able to sit right down at an indoor table and our entrees were served. I had a special seafood risotto. It was delicious. My husband had a beef dish (I forget what kind of steak) and it was wonderful, as well. Our friends ordered a special appetizer that was offered that was made up of white asaparagus and manchego (sp?) cheese. We all tasted that and loved it. After we had dessert, the waiter brought over shots for all of us of a spanish liquor, that tasted like apple, for the inconvenience of having to move inside because of the sprinkling rain. David came over to apologize as well. This is a great place.

                1. re: joan mar

                  I was also there on Saturday night... a bit noisy, but the service and food made up for it. We also had the apple drink, must have been a special for the evening. We were seated inside against the wall, tight, but cozy except for the table of six next to us. Cheese plate was good, wram goat cheese app was to die for. I had the Chilean Sea Bass, my wife had the Flank Steak, both were delicious. Dessert was good, not great but good. Wine list was ehh. I called ahead to see if there was a cork fee and was told that we could not bring our own wines. Is this true or did the hostess misunderstand me? Well worth the visit and will definitely go again and again.

                  1. re: spork5150

                    I assume because they have a bar and serve/sell wine you cannot bring in your own bottle of wine. I always thought that the only places that you could bring in wine was a restaurant that didn't have a license to sell. I actually had a Spanish Pinot Grigio there and thought it was delicious, but I am by far not a wine connoisseur.

                    1. re: joan mar

                      <I assume because they have a bar and serve/sell wine you cannot bring in your own bottle of wine.>
                      You can bring your own wine to any restaurant that allows it. Normally they charge a corkage fee and you can't bring wine that they sell on their list...and many places have additional "rules"...but it is pretty common to do so.

                      1. re: sibeats

                        I had no idea. That's good to know. Thanks for the info.

                    2. re: spork5150

                      Yes, wine list could have more depth but we have not been unhappy with our selections.
                      I think you get apple liquor if you behave yourself. I remember being served it several times as well as at Crave....
                      I am most surprised to hear they have outside seating! Did not know that.

                      1. re: Scargod

                        Not that I was disappointed...but I had my eyes on a great Spanish red from Toro region that I was dying to have with dinner that night...The 2 that BB had were too young and didn't open up to full potential until I was done with dinner.