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Jun 23, 2008 09:12 AM

in madrid, near plaza de la paja

im staying in madrid for 2 months near plaza de la paja
i've been here 3 days
so far i've had dinner at la broche, and corral de la moreria.
for lunch and breakfast i've just got to little tapas restaurants.

i want to try the best best best food madrid has to offer. anywhere near la latina is great but i plan to leave the area aswell.
price is irrelevant
i was planning on trying santceloni and sacha...also casa lucia... and i want to hear what everyone has to say about the best tapas and such here.
has anyone been to ene? its really near where im staying and i've passed by looks pretty good.
also does anyone know if olsen is good? or pan de lujo?
any help would be appriciated!
thank you!

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  1. I just got back from a trip to, among other places, Madrid. My travel diary (including restaurants and some maps) is here:

    In La Latina, you should check out Chocolatería Muñiz for churros con chocolate. The chocolate isn't as good as some other places, but the churros are wonderful. It's also a really interesting bar, and they serve some tapas too.

    Tienda de Vinos in Chueca has really great traditional/home cooking. I've got a few other descriptions of places in my diary, too.

    If you are going to make a trip down to Toledo, which I recommend, check out La Abadia, or for a more upscale meal try the tasting menu at Adolfo (

    1. Both times I've been in Madrid, one of the best meals was at Suite on Peligros de las Virgins, or something like that. Looks like more of a disco, but the food is great.