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Jun 23, 2008 09:04 AM

Cooking/Pastry Classes in VA Reasonably Priced?

I am looking to take a series of cooking/pastry classes that are reasonably priced. I have found some classes, but they seem very expensive. Any recs?

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  1. Could you define expensive?tks.

    1. Expensive: 200.00-250.00 for an evening class (3-4 hours). Thanks!

      1. That is expensive! Unless your drinking a LOT of wine during class!
        Try these:
        La Cuisine in Old Town Alexandria
        Roberto Donna at Bebo in Arlington

        1. This article is several years old, but might provide some good leads:

          I've taken classes through the Arlington Public School system (of mixed quality) in sushi-making and Thai cooking and my boyfriend has taken a Senegalese cooking class. Prices are very reasonable and classes are open to Arlington and non-Arlington residents (fees are slightly higher for non-residents). Classes are conveniently located in Clarendon near the metro. Current courses can be found at: https://registration.arlingtonadulted...

          1. Sur La Table in Arlington has some pretty inexpensive cooking and baking classes:

            Most are under $100.