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Jun 23, 2008 08:56 AM

Muji Brand Tea Cookies

I received a small bag of Muji brand tea cookies as a gift from Japan. For thost that aren't familiar with Muji, it's mostly known for minimalist home goods and distinctive packaging - not necessarily the food they sell, at least I thought so before.

I tried one, not quite knowing what to expect, and was really pleased with the taste. It literally tasted like I was chewing on a cup of room temperature milk tea (black tea, sugar, and milk)! It was almost like a Willy Wonka moment for me, at the risk of sounding cheesy.

So, my questions to my fellow Chowhounds: Has anyone else seen/tried these? Are there any other similar Muji food items I should be asking for as gifts? I realize these cookies probably aren't new, but I thought they were fantastic!

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  1. I'm from Hong Kong and love Muji too! Their dorayaki (e.g. green tea and red bean, a seasonal sakura mochi one) and roll cakes (e.g. strawberry, hoji tea and cranberry) are pretty good, if Japanese "pastries" are your thing. I've attached a few pictures of them.

    This may be more of a personal taste, but I also like their fish chips with black sesame ( and these snacks known as "persimmon seeds" ( ... the spicy ones are pretty addictive! The mini shrimp rice crackers or nori rice crackers are good too.

    They also have packaged food items like curry packs and soup packs which aren't bad either. I've tried making steamed green pea and edamame bread from their baking kits and really loved it ... they come in other flavors like pumpkin or tomato and cheese.

    Here's a link that you can navigate through to browse at products that you may like:

    On a side note, I like their stationery too ... simple yet practical!

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      yummm- thanks for the photos, those look great! Especially the strawberry roll cake. I will be asking for a few of the things you mentioned, particularly the bread/baking kits, those sound really interesting.

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          I learned Japanese for three years and should be able to do a bit of translation, though I can't guarantee I'll know everything. What do you need help on?

      1. The first time i went to Muji.was in Hong Kong. They had all sorts of old fashion candies that i hadn't had since my
        childhood in Taiwan. 2 years later i saw a Muji opened up on Broadway near Chinatown. Alas, no food. I was told that the company decided not to include the food items. (WHY NOT??!), so, i will take your word for it, that those cookies are/good, Gyozagirl.

        Dreamsicle, it appears you're on the west coast. May I ask if there are Muji stores where you are, and if so, whether they offer the food items? Your links look good. I was just wondering if you got those under the Hong Kong store or in theater US.

        I'm going to be sad if indeed the East coast is being deprived oncely again of Japanese food options...I'm still miffed about not hzving the chance to try the BBQ Beef Tongue in the recent decision (not sure who was responsible) not to have them at the Mitsuwa food fair un New Jersey.

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          Yah, I actually got the Muji products from Hong Kong, where I'm originally from. Sometimes my mum sends me a parcel with a bunch of stuff from Muji and other Japanese snacks as well.

          HLing, actually you're already pretty lucky to have a Muji in NYC :). There aren't any on the west coast and I don't think Muji has plans to expand here for now.

          Oh, and gyozagirl, the steamed bread kit I got is actually pretty fun to make. You just blend the powdered mix with milk or water, and pop the mixture in the microwave for a minute or so, and voila, fresh steamed bread! Hope you'll like the goods your friend sends you.

        2. Wow. I've never had them, though they have a store in the Yokohama station that I pass by pretty frequently when I'm in Japan. I'll have to check these out next time I'm in Japan.

          In general though, I tend to like processed Japanese cookies (yoku moku, Izumiya) a lot better than cookies sold here. They also have a lot of good "tea flavored" cookies.

          Thanks for alerting us to this!

          1. I have never seen food items at the Muji stores here in London, but I will look when I go in again. What a drag...I was just in Japan last month and would have loved to have tried these fun sounding food items! Oh well, next time.

            1. I'm from HK too and I used to go to buy their peanut snacks that had these small crackers (moon shaped) that came along with it...think of it as the japanese version of munchies. So good. The other day, I tried this "cornflakes choco bar" they had. It was DELICIOUS! Literally a rectangular shaped cornflakes bar caked together with chocolate. It was yummy, brought me right back to childhood.

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                Those crescent-shaped crackers you talked about are the "persimmon seeds" I mentioned earlier, and yah, they're yummy and addictive. I've also tried the chocolate-covered cornflakes bar, but maybe I got one that wasn't as fresh and so the cornflakes weren't as crispy as I had wanted them to be ... still good as a snack though. :)