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Jun 23, 2008 08:53 AM

Super-firm Tofu trouble...

Anyone else having trouble finding good super-firm tofu (like the Wildwood vacuum-packed tofu sold everywhere on the West Coast) in Manhattan?

Anyone know where I can find it? Most places have the Nasoya, but their extra firm just not firm enough.

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  1. If you have time, press the block of tofu between two plates with a weight on top (I use a pot full of water). The tofu will lose a lot of its liquid and hold together better.

    1. I don't know what the Wildwood tofu is like, but if you check out some stores in Chinatown like Kam Man, they should have what you're looking for. The tofu is super-pressed, and there's no way it can break while you stir-fry it.

      1. Nasoya is horrible. Their extra firm is more like soft, and it always tastes stale. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Tofu House brand are good.

        1. I haven't seen Wildwood anywhere. There are three brands of firm tofu that i love to eat cold as well as pan fried - I get them at the upstairs organic section of Fairway on Broadway and 74th. Bridge tofu (made in MA), Local Tofu, and another whose name escapes me, and which is my current favorite. i don't remember the name, but it's the one that's NOT in a hard container, but also is mostly blue and white in color. Just look for the figure of two people sitting on a winged tofu (?). Local Tofu comes in a tub, and is the size and shape of Nasoya. Bridge Tofu is a narrower rectangle, and also isn't in a hard plastic tub. There's just one problem with Bridge tofu in that it tends to be sour. It's a real bummer because it used to be quite fresh and flavorful. These days i will get one once in a while just hoping to get lucky, but somewhere something isn't controlled - whether it be the travel from MA to NY, or improper storage at Fairway...i don't know, but I wish i could get it fresh again like before. if so, it's a real toss up between this brand and the one with the winged tofu logo for best firm tofu.

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            i have to apologize and update my information above. I went to Fairway today and saw that there was an abundance of the Bridge Tofu - "Made by Hand in the traditional kettle style", and it was made in Middletown, CT (not MA). AND, the expiration was 7/17 , so i figure they just got a fresh shipment. I go one. Opened it at home to still a slight sour smell, but it was not sour, and was very clean and wholesome tasting, and firm like the kinds i eat in Taiwan where we call it "Lao3 Do4 Fu3". yay, it's still good!

            The other one is made by a company called "Fresh Tofu Inc", made in Allentown, PA. There were only 2 left, and expiration was 7/7. So, i think you just need to play by ear when you're shopping there.

          2. a tip in general; great tofu to be had in chinatown, on grand street, just east of bowery, north side of the street, an open space/counter with a coupla ladies slinging tofu, broad rice noodles and soy milk. the tofu is amazing, 5 pieces for $1, firm I guess and presumably pressed locally. very fresh (eat immediately), or, as mentioned, freeze.

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            1. re: bigjeff

              yeah that place is pretty decent, the english name on it says tung woo...their soy bean milk it too sweet, but their tofu is pretty decent