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Jun 23, 2008 08:30 AM

Engagement Dinner this Thursday

We want to go out for an engagement dinner this Thursday night, with both sets of parents. We'd like somewhere not too expensive, but not cheap. We have parents staying on W 35th St. and on the UWS, so anywhere near one or the other is good. We have my fiancee's father who can't eat spicy food, and my father who needs more traditional options. We are overwhelemed with the amount of options (as always!) and can't figure out where to go that will still have reservations available for this Thursday, for 7 people. Suggestions??

We were thinking of Boat Basin, but the food is too casual...we like Henry's, but have been there many times and would like something new...Tao's too expensive, i see our dilema...


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  1. If you are willing to consider a restaurant that is not on the West Side, I would recommend Giorgio's of Gramercy. The food's very good, and the menu has a nice variety, which should work well for your various needs. Service is pleasant and capable. The lovely decor provides a celebratory feel. Prices are moderate.

    Congratulations of your engagement and Bon Appetit!

    1. I went to Otto last night with a group of 10 -- they seated us at a big round table in the back and it was lovely. Very festive and as long as everyone will eat pizza or pasta, you'll all be happy. We made the reservation that day, so you should be able to get in for Thursday. Mazel tov!

      1. Ok, my folks have limited us now to the UWS, they're staying on 89th and Columbus, so we're thinking of Bella Luna (decent food, and they don't rush you) or Nonna (i just remember it being hot last time i went.) Is there anything better that I'm missing in that area?


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          It's a little fancier (and priced about like Henry's) than those two, but maybe Neptune Room (85 & Ams.) for seafood? The service is pleasant and the food is good. Plenty of room for conversation and it looks nice. You won't be rushed. I've successfully eaten there with my in-laws and they aren't adventurous at all.

          My other go-to for these kinds of things (menu everyone can agree on, safe for the out of towners cause it's in a mall, and not too much $$) is Landmarc. With 7 you can get a resy and maybe explain what kind of table you want.

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            Thanks! I've walked past Neptune Room a million times, but haev never eaten there, may check it out.

            Landmarc is a great suggestion, I didn't know there was anything reasonably priced in the TWC...

        2. as far as uws here are my suggestions, sadly, not that many options on uws (my hood, as well):

          the mermaid inn would be perfect- cozy warm atmosphere and great for parents.

          you could try ... josephina's across from lincoln center? always a party in there.

          cafe luxembourg is great if you like french.

          gennaro is one of my favorite cozy italian restaurants but not sure if they take reservations

          sarabeth's (central park south) would also be a lovely dinner, and good with the 'rents.

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            Thanks! We keep going to the same places over and over, so am glad to get some new ideas. Mermaid Inn might be the winner here, have to check in with the fiancee...

            Unfortunately, have had bad experiences at both Sarabeth's and Gennaro (this one i might give another shot at some point, but had a disappointing time with my parents last visit, so that's a no go this time...and no, they don't take reservations.)


            1. re: monasapple

              I liked Cafe Luxembourg but got scared off by a recent review here.


              'Cesca could work for you. I dined there recently with a party of seven. We were seated a round table which I find so nice for a group that size. I'm not sure you can actually reserve it, though. It may depend to some extent on availabilty once you arrive. I called and hounded them a bit and everything worked out. The food is good but the service can be a bit spotty. They didn't rush us at all


            2. Have you looked into Ouest?


              Not sure if it fits in sure price range (don't know what the prices are like at Tao).