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Jun 23, 2008 08:15 AM

Pulled Pork Help

I have to feed 25 people for July 4th. I've always made pulled pork in the slow cooker but I don't think I can fit enough meat in there to make that much. Does anyone have any thoughts about how many pounds of Boston Butt (my favorite cut for this recipe) to make and how long per pound (approx.) in the oven (I guess at about 300 degrees). Thanks for the help!

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  1. I just made pulled pork for a graduation party for 60 people. I made 3 (8 to 9 pound) bone-in pork shoulders. Roasted in 300 degree oven for about 6 - 6 1/2 hours. Hope this helps!!

    1. I like to do mine on the cue... @ about 250+.... one large shoulder (8-10 pounds) usually takes 4-5 hours...

      my family members are big eaters.. I usually figure about 1/2 pound per person of meat... then I usually get some leftovers.

      1. If you are trying to feed 25 people with all the trimmings, you don't want to be tying up your oven for 7 hours. Keep your oven free, stick to what you know works, but double it. Borrow a second slow cooker: each should be able to hold enough to feed 14 people (7-8 pounds), if yours is as generous as mine is in size.

        Having the oven on for hours on a hot day, and at a temperature that won't cook biscuits or sweet potatoes or peach cobbler is no fun!

        1. Pulled-style BBQ meat freezes like a dream, in the sauce. Why not make some (or all) of it ahead of time? You could do it a batch at a time instead of all at once.

          1. Like Querencia said - make it ahead of time. Just reheat on the day of the party.

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              Third this suggestion of freezing and reheating - it just gets better. Also, I love serving pulled pork on mini-buns when it's parties (rather than just dinner at home). You'll stretch everything a bit more that way to boot.

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                I agree, I make it all the time I just braise the meat on top of the stove for hours then reheat when I am ready to use it.