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Jun 23, 2008 07:52 AM

Best places to buy meat?

So I've decided I can't stomach buying mass-produced and packaged meat from the regular grocery store anymore. I've taken to picking up all my pork from the lovely people at Truck Patch Farms, but need a more regular source for red meat and chicken.

Any suggestions? I'm pretty happy with my small Bloomingdale Farmer's Market, and willing to venture a bit. Ideally though I'd like to find a trusted and independent butcher that I can go to during the week. I live in DC and working McLean.

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  1. Nevermind - I see a thread below.

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    1. re: Culocho

      Eastern Market. Great quality and prices.

      1. re: antdistrict

        Antdistrict, I'd say not if you are on a strict budget, but you do indeed get what you pay for in terms of quality, expertise and service.

    2. I just got lamb from the Lebanese Butcher in Annandale which was great. The do not have pork though, as it is a Muslim owned buthery (the restaurant next door was also awesome!).

      1. There is a local butcher's shop in Del Ray, Alexandria. I know that the South Mountain Creamery has meats and delivers in the DC metro area.

        They have:
        - Beef
        - Chicken
        - Lamb
        - Pork
        - Turkey

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          What's the name of the place in Del Ray, Smiles? I live pretty close and would love to find out.

          1. re: javachik

            It's Let's Meat on the Avenue on Mount Vernon Ave.

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              Thank you chaofun

              Let's Meat on the Avenue
              2403 Mt Vernon Ave
              Alexandria, VA 22336
              (703) 684-6328

          2. There are a surprising number of organic farms in the DC area. Here's a good link that lists them by state:


            I do have a good suggestion as to where not to buy meat. I once went into one of those Amish markets (only open Thursday to Sunday). The meat counter was full of freshly-butchered, presumably naturally-raised meats. They even had short ribs, but cut in a peculiar way that I had only seen in one other place: Sam’s Club. It was then I realized that they were just reselling meat they had bought at Sam’s.

            1. If you work in McLean, then you MUST try the Organic Butcher. It's located on Old Dominion Rd. right next door to the Corner Bistro. The Organic Butcher has excellent beef, bison, and wonderful lamb and their staff is super-nice and has been great in ordering or trimming meat to my specifications...all I had to do was call and request it or drop in! (fwiw, I was raised in Western Colorado with sheep/lamb fresh all the time and the OB is truly the only place in NoVA that I've found that compares in taste and texture.)

              As for the Lebanese Butcher, I've found their meat good in the past, but Organic Butcher wins hands down!

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