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Jun 23, 2008 07:51 AM

Weekend in Boston

Coming to Boston for an extended weekend - all pleasure and no business. Arrive Saturday and leave Tuesday. Plan on walking around, eating, walking some more, eating some more, perhaps sitting at a cafe and then eating again.

Would love advice on what part of the City to stay in (Back Bay, Financial District, etc.), as we have a hotel booked but I am thinking of something more modern. More importantly, I would like to stay somewhere close to great food, and definitely need advice on the most important meals of the day: breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Also will welcome advice on places to to relax after dinner with a fine glass of something wet.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The best neighborhood for food is the South End, which is directly adjacent to, and an easy walk from, the best neighborhood to stay, the Back Bay. Unfortunately, until the Mandarin Oriental is completed, I cannot think of any more modern option. I highly recommend the Eliot Suites Hotel (make sure to book a suite, and not a guest room, and request a high floor overlooking Commonwealth Avenue), which sits atop Clio, one of Boston's best upscale restaurants.

    1. OK that's a start. I was thinking of the Eliot or The Lenox. Now let's get to the food! Am happy to get off the beaten track.

      Brunch? Lunch? Dinner?

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        Well, give us something to go on here. What's "great food" to you?

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          I'm looking for your favorite places to eat. I've got 4 days to gorge myself on Boston's finest, whether that means white tablecloth or greasy spoon.

          If you had 4 days in Boston, where would you eat? No limits. Seafood OK. Meat OK. Ethnic OK. 4 a.m. snack OK.

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          1. Seriously? Nobody in Boston has any favorite places to eat?

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              Sure! You can get a good list by reading here:

              If you do that, and then come up with a short list of places that interest you, I'm sure you'd get lots of advice from us about how to optimize your experience at those places.

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                Of course, we all do. The problem is without knowing anything about your tastes our advice won't be worth much. For example, I have NO tolerance for spicy food, just can't eat it. If you like a lot of spice in your food then you probably wouldn't agree with my list of favorites.

                I'll throw one out there for you: Prezza - it's my favorite spot in the North End. Fave dishes include the polenta with meatballs (I ask to leave off the sausage b/c it's too spicy for my taste); the crispy prawns and the egg raviolo.

                1. re: heathermb

                  > The problem is without knowing anything about your tastes our advice won't be worth much.

                  I'd have to agree with this. We all love to yammer on about food (just ask our friends and coworkers who roll their eyes when we don't shut up about our food conquests), but without a little knowledge about your tastes (and "I'll eat anything" isn't especially helpful either), we're not going to be much more help than if you grabbed a Zagat guide at the bookstore.

                  A few random "chowish" spots around town you might not see in Zagat, I'll put it on you to exert some minor modicum of effort and search the board for more detailed info:

                  Angela's Cafe (East Boston) - Poblana-style Mexican
                  Gran Gusto (Cambridge) - Campanian-style Italian/pizza
                  All Star Sandwich Bar (Cambridge) - upscale sandwiches pretending to be downscale sandwiches
                  Speed's Hot Dog Wagon (Newmarket Square) - big, awesome hot dogs in a random outdoor setting
                  Baraka Cafe (Cambridge) - North African
                  Cafe Polonia (Dorchester) - Polish