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Jun 23, 2008 06:58 AM

Your perfect day in Harvard Square --where would you have lunch?

Off from work today and we were thinking of catching a movie in Harvard Square....would try for lunch around 12:30ish and would like to try somewhere new or just somewhere I haven't been before,. Which isn't tough because I don't get to Cambridge very often..

Any recs on a good spot to have lunch? Food-atmosphere-wise i'm thinking somewhere in btwn au bon pain and upstairs on the square.....which i know opens up lots of possibilities, so bring 'em on,

How about Flat Patties? Haven't been there yet. Where is that located, in the Garage?
Maybe Bartley's?? But certainly doesn't have to be a burger joint, those are just two places that popped in my head....


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  1. I suggested this in the other harvard thread but its called Grendels Den they an extremely inexpensive lunch menu and good for a nice beer and place has great atmosphere and its right around the corner from the theatre 5 minute walk

    heres a link to the express lunch menu
    good luck!

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      If it's a drinking lunch, it's hard to top Grendel's. The Den is legendary -- it was even party to a famous zoning law suit -- for its fun, unique and convivial atm. However, if you're primarily focusing on the food, I'd go elsewhere. THere's nice variety, but unfortunately, it's badly executed for the most part.

    2. Id have to go with Bartleys- I was there on Saturday and had a wonderfully delicious burger that Im still dreaming about...and wouldnt mind heading over there for lunch myself today for another!

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        Second Bartley's. It will be nice and quite with fewer students and at lunch you don't lament the lack of alcohol (as much).

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          i know this question may be bordering on sacrelige but does bartley's have a veggie burger? my dc is on a major health kick so not sure if i can convince her to chow down any red meat...
          i seem to recall they might...

          1. re: twentyoystahs

            Yes they do have a veggie burger, The Al Franken I believe. They also have turkey burgers and plenty of salads.

            Though any time I have had a DC order one of those, they always stare longingly at my cow burger.

            FWIW, my standard order is exactly the same as Blumie's.

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              99.99% sure that they do- though I love a good hamburger I actually had a turkey burger on Saturday- just as tasty. And I recall seeing at the top of the menu a note saying that all burgers can be made with a turkey or veggie burger- I believe. I suppose a call to them couldnt hurt- unless someone else can confirm?

            2. re: Gabatta

              Bartley's. I'm not into lots of toppings, and don't like to have to choose between fries and o'rings, so my order has not changed in 25 years: cheddar burger deluxe, which is simply a cheddar burger served with fries and o'rings.

          2. Grendel's is good for cheapness and beer -- food, not so much.

            For a special lunch I'd hit Casablanca.

            Bartley's is great IF you're in the mood for a burger joint.

            I also enjoy Henrietta's Table for a restrained New England feel, but find it a little pricey, or Cafe Algiers for a laid-back lunch -- the roast lamb sandwich is so good it's hard for me to order anything else. My personal favorite lunch is to grab a sandwich and Arnold Palmer from Hi-Rise and eat it outside.

            1. I vote for Casablanca, but have to admit if the weather was better I would be tempted to try the new patio at OM.

              1. I'd pick Casablanca over Bartley's, better atmosphere and a very good burger. Daedalus has some good sandwiches and a nice atmosphere, I like their Cubano. Shay's and Charlie's Kitchen are other good choices.