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Jun 23, 2008 06:53 AM

Food in Aurora / Newmarket?

HI there,

I'm moving to Aurora and need some help - what are the better pizzarias, wing rib spots, sports pubs/pubs and good finds for us? Any particular good Thai joints out there that deliver? Its a leap of faith leaving the City for the burbs, and we love food, so any help would really be appreciated!


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  1. Best wings I've had are at Wild Wing up at Yonge/Mulock in the Weston Produce plaza. This Wild Wing seems like they use a different recipe than the other's in the franchise.

    1. In that same plaza, there's the Cedar Grill for decent Lebanese, and a Vietnamese Pho place as well. Just south of Bloomington in Oak Ridges there's Shiraz for good shawarmas and Fellini's for Italian. Seems Aurora itself doesn't have a lot of gems. One astute Hound liked Bistro 171 but I think it's become something else now.Now your question about Thai, Orchid Thai on Yonge is very good, and they must deliver.Check out this thread from

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        Wiley, have you been to Cedar Grill?? If not, you need to go. It's excellent.


      2. Welcome to Aurora!! we love it here.
        We have just discovered a new Pizza place called Reginos, it's the best pizza we ever tasted!

        You have to consider Newmarket and Aurora as the same place, Newmarket has far more restaurants etc. There is a fantastic Thai place on Mullock called Tuptim Thai. Best hot n sour soup ever!

        1. A bit more upscale - but very good

          Bistro 171
          15171 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G, CA

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            It's gone, and a place called Esculent Bar and Grill had taken it's place.

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              Too bad - hadn't been for a few months and only checked that the website was still functioning.

          2. In Newmarket you've also got, A Taste of the Islands for Caribbean food. It's on Mulock near the postal station.

            Great pho at Pho Saigon and sushi next door at Sen Sushi. They're in the plaza at Quaker Hill.