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Food in Aurora / Newmarket?

HI there,

I'm moving to Aurora and need some help - what are the better pizzarias, wing rib spots, sports pubs/pubs and good finds for us? Any particular good Thai joints out there that deliver? Its a leap of faith leaving the City for the burbs, and we love food, so any help would really be appreciated!


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  1. Best wings I've had are at Wild Wing up at Yonge/Mulock in the Weston Produce plaza. This Wild Wing seems like they use a different recipe than the other's in the franchise.

    1. In that same plaza, there's the Cedar Grill for decent Lebanese, and a Vietnamese Pho place as well. Just south of Bloomington in Oak Ridges there's Shiraz for good shawarmas and Fellini's for Italian. Seems Aurora itself doesn't have a lot of gems. One astute Hound liked Bistro 171 but I think it's become something else now.Now your question about Thai, Orchid Thai on Yonge is very good, and they must deliver.Check out this thread from Sept.www.chowhound.com/topics/106009

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        Wiley, have you been to Cedar Grill?? If not, you need to go. It's excellent.


      2. Welcome to Aurora!! we love it here.
        We have just discovered a new Pizza place called Reginos, it's the best pizza we ever tasted!

        You have to consider Newmarket and Aurora as the same place, Newmarket has far more restaurants etc. There is a fantastic Thai place on Mullock called Tuptim Thai. Best hot n sour soup ever!

        1. A bit more upscale - but very good

          Bistro 171
          15171 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G, CA

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            It's gone, and a place called Esculent Bar and Grill had taken it's place.

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              Too bad - hadn't been for a few months and only checked that the website was still functioning.

          2. In Newmarket you've also got, A Taste of the Islands for Caribbean food. It's on Mulock near the postal station.

            Great pho at Pho Saigon and sushi next door at Sen Sushi. They're in the plaza at Quaker Hill.


            1. Visit the King Henry's Aurora Pub on Yonge, great food, relaxed atmosphere albeit the crowd is a little yonge late Friday and Saturday evenings. They also have a Richmond Hill location at Yonge at 16th avenue...highly rcommend both for a few beers and good food.

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                The Firkin on Yonge south of Wellington has a Friday Chicken Curry special that is excellent.


              2. Re: A Taste of The Islands

                I prefer Tweety's (sp?) on Bayview just west of Mulock.

                I 2nd Pho Saigon, great place that I go to often.

                By far one of my favorite places to eat is Molisana Bakery (http://www.molisanabakery.ca/). They have, in my opinion, the best Meatball Sandwich I have ever had. The pasta and pizza are not too shabby too. Excellent coffee.

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                  You have to try Best Pizza in Newmarket. The best pizza at great prices and their homemade burgers are amazing too!!

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                    I realize that the original post is pretty old but for what it's worth....

                    Cambodia Noodle King in Newmarket near Davis and 404 (in strip mall beside Holiday Inn Express)has a solid selection of Cambodian /Vietnamese dishes and Chinese dishes. I like the curry soup that eats like a stew but then I love anything with coconut milk in it. The Pad Thai is also an good choice because they do not use ketchup in the recipe but has a nice bite of peppery heat. Portions are very generous, prices are very reasonable. This is a family owned and operated restaurant. Food has a homestyle quality to it. Decent sized sit-down restaurant and they also seem to do a good takeout business. Service is very friendly and helpful. Not fancy but clean. Many of the Chinese dishes would suit the "Canadian chinese" palate ie. lemon chicken, sweet and sour, etc. but very good for its sort.
                    Don't know if they deliver although I've seen a truck driving around town with their name on it.

                    Another Chinese takeout choice, but I don't know about delivery, is Sang's Wok which is located in the Newmarket Plaza (Davis Dr. just east of Yonge St) right near the Giant Tiger store. Primarily takeout, with a few fast food tables. This is our favourite takeout/fast food in Aurora/Newmarket for basic, tasty Chinese food.They use fresh ingredients, not greasy or mushy. Varied selection of combos (large portions) which are perfect for a quick meal. Great value. For truly fast food we order ahead and pick it up on the way home.

                    Tuptim Thai on Mulock west of Bayview is a decent choice for Thai but I don't know if they deliver either.

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                      There is also Solo Sushi Ya at 291 Davis Drive. Some of the staff alternate between that location and the one in downtown Toronto.


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                        Thanks to both of you!
                        As the OP, and over three years later, I can say as follows...

                        We love Orchid Thai in Aurora. Solo Sushi Ya is fantastic. Two of three trips to Edward Street Bistro were excellent!

                        BigBone BBQ on Eagle Street in Newmarket is fantastic.

                        King Henry's Arms in Aurora is one of our favorite spots for sure as well.

                        The food at Chinook is good, but we have never really had a good time there. Not sure what the fuss is about.

                        Other good wing spots are Tom and Jerry's and CW Coops.

                        I have also heard that a new place called Play in the Goodlife plaza is worth trying...

                        Happy eating!

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                          Another decent place for Chinese takeout (with a few tables as well) is the Empire Chef in Aurora shopping Center-a really good price of $4.99 on the lunch specials every day . Try to time it around the school crowd.

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                            Play Pizzeria & Pub has A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Gourmet pizzas! Tuesday nights are $5 pizza nights. can't beat that. Their burgers are also excellent too! www.playpub.ca

                            Maid's Cottage - delicious sandwiches on homemade bread and homemade butter tarts.

                            The Crow's Nest Pub in Newmarket has really good food. best calamari I ever had and I have had a lot of calamari in many restaurants.

                            Molisana Bakery's pizza is amazing. Authentic Italian homemade sauce and thick, crispy, delicious crust. They close early though.

                            And last but not least the fry truck outside of Canadian Tire in Newmarket has very good fresh cut fries. The best I have ever had. Their burgers are tasty too.

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                              Can anyone comment on the Maid's Cottage butter tarts? Are they are good as the ones from Sweet Oven in Barrie?

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                                I live for butter tarts, and I have to say that nothing even comes close to the Maid's Cottage Butter Tarts.

                2. We have had both butter tarts and like both, but they are different. The Maids cottage have a thicker crust and a more homemade taste and texture. They are a little runnier then the Sweet Oven. But we love the chai tarts from the Sweet Oven! Sweet Ovens are more uniform in size and shape.

                  1. Hi there,

                    Just wandering if anyone has tried Orleans restaurant. There's a groupon.

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                      I've been there but only had apps. It's a nice place. The apps seemed like dime a dozen bar fare. Not bad but can be had at any good bar. Cannot attest to the mains.


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                        Thanks so much for the response. I think I'll pass since I'd rather use up a Newmarket meal at Solo Sushi-Ya - I just got back a week and a half ago from New Orleans so it caught my eye.