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Jun 23, 2008 06:43 AM

Is anyone a "three-slicer"?

The discussion of bagel scooping reminds me of something we used to do back in the day, when bagels were much smaller: Slicing the bagel into thirds. This provides more surface area to pile on the lox, whitefish, etc.

Seems to me this would work even better in the era of behemoth bagels such as Ess-A's.

Similarly, mega-muffins would be great sliced into thirds, especially if you grill your muffins such as is common up in Maine. Again, more surface area for butter to melt into. Mmmmm butter.

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  1. Frequent discussion with Mrs. doc. I split into 3 she likes 2. I like to spread whitefish salad on my 3 slices of bagel. We used to buy a dozen or so fresh bagels and slice and freeze to store. I would have to cut hers in half and mine in thirds.

    1. I had no idea there were any other 3-slicers out there. I am married to one. I admit, I treat this little preference with disdain, if not scorn. Drives me crazy. He says what you say - provides more surface area for toppings. I find the whole thing just as despicable as scooping.

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      1. re: Nyleve

        Makes it easier to control the spread/bread ratio. :)

        1. re: phantomdoc

          I understand the theory. But if god intended for bagels to be sliced in three, she wouldn't have invented the Montreal bagel: the epitome of bagelness. And my deluded husband even tries to triple-slice those. After 30 years of marriage one learns to accept such extreme character flaws.

          1. re: Nyleve

            I was going to ask whether 3-slicing was a natural outgrowth of the cancerous bagel epidemic, but if people are 3-slicing Montreal bagels, then all is lost.

            1. re: applehome

              Not "people". Just my husband. I mean, honestly. Who could do such a thing?

      2. I like the concept, but I think it quadruples the chances that I will end the day with 9 fingers.

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        1. re: Veggo

          I absolutely agree. Can't fault the idea of the three slices (genius!) but the execution... too risky.

          1. re: Catskillgirl

            Also a faint attempt to control carbohydrate consumption. Increases protien-fat/carb ratio.

            1. re: phantomdoc

              Also goes well with a nice Chianti.
              Dr. H. Lecter

        2. interesting! I think if I sliced my bagels in threes though, I might as well just eat a sandwich on regular bread.

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          1. re: Chew on That

            Comparing a bagel to regular bread. I will alert the chow police. The choice of bread vs. bagel probably another thread or maybe another board. Comparing poetry to a take a number ticket.

            What is a Montreal bagel?

            1. re: phantomdoc

              A Montreal bagel is almost something else altogether. The dough is slightly sweeter than a New York bagel without being actually sweet. If it's done properly, it'll rolled by hand into fairly thin rings and then boiled (of course). After that it is coated generously with sesame seeds and baked in a wood-burning oven. The result is a chewy, dense bagel which is really only fantastic when it's very very fresh. These are made best in, surprise surprise, Montreal - where there are 2 main bakeries that compete for the honours of being the home of the "authentic" Montreal bagel: St. Viateur and Fairmount. Both are amazing but I think I've come to love the St. Viateur just a teensy bit more. My son used to go to McGill, so would bring us dozens of these on every trip home. It was a basically a non-negotiable condition of his continued educational funding. We now have to rely on the occasional visit to Montreal to stock up on these. They freeze ok, but then have to be toasted or else they're too dense to eat. You really cannot slice these in 3, but alas my husband does anyway.

              1. re: phantomdoc

                From Wiki:
                "In contrast to the New York-style bagel, the Montreal bagel is smaller, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole, and is always baked in a wood-fired oven. It contains malt, egg, and no salt and is boiled in honey-sweetened water before being baked in a wood-fired oven, whose irregular flames give it a dappled light-and-dark surface colour. "

                In reference to this thread, it's the fact that it's smaller - the size all bagels used to be before the goyim focus groups got ahold of them. So 3-slicing a Montreal bagel really makes no sense - certainly it makes less sense than 3-slicing one of the giganto, cancerous bagels that passes for "normal" these days.

                My trips to Montreal are very limited these days, so it's been a while for me. I always wonder what would happen if someone opened up a real Montreal bagel shop say in, Boston or even NYC. The great majority of people would simply complain that it was too small, I'm sure. But some of us would glom on to it (no more 3-slicing, no more scooping). Enough to make a living? eh?

                Also - to your comment about bagel vs. regular bread - you're right, of course, but all you have to do is buy the bagels at the grocery store bakeries around here (Boston) - Market Basket, Hannaford, Stop&Shop - even Dunkin Donuts - to understand that to most wasps, a bagel is a round, sort-of hard, holey piece of white bread. Another rotten shame, lowest common denominator Americanization... the pain! the pain! Will it ever stop?

            2. I do that - about the only time I eat a bagel is with smoked salmon for Barney Greengrass - 1/3 of a bagel, some slices of tomato and beautiful salmon - a perfect weekend breakfast.