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Jun 23, 2008 06:29 AM

44 1/2

went with six friends to 44 1/2 on 10th Ave (btw 45th & 44th) - wow i loved it. i was surprised because i never read about it on these chowhound boards. The atmosphere was nice - moderate noise not too bad, we sat in a lovely outdoor patio - the serving portions were large for manhattan - and the prices i thought good for what they offered. I had the crabcake appt. - delicious - and also the Tuna for my entree - really very good - definitely has a gay undertone (it is hell's kitchen) but i think 99% of heterosexuals will not be bothered by it or not even notice.

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  1. I went to 44X a few weeks ago and it was also really good. I had a delicious crab/lobster cake appetizer that I"m still thinking about. The decor is really bright and the host (possibly the owner) was very kind and welcoming. HIghly recommended

    1. Agreed on both.

      I don't see either of them becoming destination spots of glory, but for a very good neighborhood meal, they score quite high in my book.