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Jun 23, 2008 06:23 AM

Eagle's Deli...

Eagle's Deli is one of my favorite spots that ive been going to for a few years and its always been solid. I stopped in a couple weeks ago cuz i was in the area and was shocked when i walked in..... The atmosphere of Eagle's has always screamed local from the prices, chalkboard menu, to the thousands of people plastered on the wall for devouring the almighty Godzilla Burger. Its all changed. The first thing I noticed was the menu, the menu had switched from chalkboard about a year ago so why am i bringing it up now? well it seems the menu has blacked out spots where they raised the price for everything around 2 dollars... it's understandable in a sense cuz the rising gas prices but i presume their ingredients are local so what gives?

So i order my meal and go take a seat in the dining room where'd id normally gaze at the walls plastered with photo's of people who have stretched their guts and finished the Godzilla Burger.... Yea they're gone... The walls now are just a blank depressing white... nothing to it now just boring.

After about a 10 minute wait my burger comes out and its good but while im eating im so saddened about paying nearly 10 bucks for the burger i can barely eat... I take a look to the walls for some inspiration and im reminded they took down the pictures....

I know im nit picking and probably being a jerk but cripes i can't help from thinking that this is all the Travel Channels fault. It seems like Eagle's jumped the shark hard and it sucks. The whole magic of what was Eagle's is no longer in my opinion.

Does anyone else have any thought on this? Am I out of line? If so put me in my place.

Oh what inspired this thread was seeing Eagle's on what else but the Travel Channel last night....

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  1. They must have good PR because to me Eagle's deli was always nothing much more than a good place for BC students to eat. I lived in the area, and never went to BC, but it was a good place to grab a sandwich on weekends. I never had burgers there...I guess I was intimidated by the godzilla wall, rather than inspired by it. I too am saddened to hear it's gone, I thought the wall was part of the place's charm.

    Why they heck was it on the Travel Channel anyway? Because of the huge burger challenge thing?

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    1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

      basically Ralph it was voted one of the top ten places to pig out in the world(#2) which is a great honor I suppose but like you said the charm is gone.

      1. re: vegathechosen

        Shame that they've stripped themselves of their quirks. I always kinda liked it when I was living in that area in the early 2000s, even though one of the counter staffers once scolded me for ordering caffeine when I was pregnant—which I wasn't.

        Still, I agree it was nothing super-special; it was just there and therefore it becomes part of one's orbit and memory.

    2. Suggest you go to their website, email and ask about the pictures. For all you know, they may be rehanging them.

      1. Eagle's Deli went downhill the second they hit the airwaves on Travel Channel. I started going when I was just a sophomore in high school and went about once a quarter through sophomore year of college, more during the summer months.

        However, I did not ever think their ingredients were local, nothing would lead me to think that given the frozen patties and the frozen fries from a bag. I think their original pricing and the slow ramp up were justified for the gross weight of the food you were getting but since getting #2, their hikes were no longer in line.

        1. I second the emailing them to ask thing, because that Travel Channel show was from 2006 if I remember correctly, so I'm not sure its related to that really.

          1. haha, ingredients are local? What made you think that, the Aramark frozen fries?

            I'd guess they are going to at least put the super-hall-of-fame photos and news clippings back up. The "regular" photos are constantly getting covered over and ripped off and replaced, so I wouldn't be surprised if those don't go back up.