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Jun 23, 2008 06:16 AM

Rehersal Dinner Ideas

Need some help coming up with some ideas for a rehersal dinner. The wedding is in Cambridge so Cambridge or Boston would be best for the dinner. It should be about 30-40 people. Also the group is kind of bland on food tastes, something I need something nice but a 5 star French restaraunt probably wouldn't appeal to this group. I was thinking the North End but parking is an important issue so that's out. So any suggestions for good food, nice atmosphere, parking (even if it is a garage), and not outrageously expensive? Thanks for the help!

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  1. I met someone at the bar at Elephant Walk in Cambridge whose rehearsal dinner had been hosted there and she said it was lovely - there are probably enough "bland"-er items on that menu, if you choose carefully. Parking in the back.

    I also noticed that Tapeo on Newbury has what could be a private dining room on the right when you walk in. Tapas are often a crowd-pleaser since there is a variety to try. Tons of garage parking near Newbury.


    1. Upstairs on the Square is festive, elegant, excellent food - but not stuffy. And while they have an innovative menu, I'm sure they'd work to your specs vis a vis broad tastes! We had our rehearsal dinner at Upstairs at the Pudding (its former incarnation) years ago, and it was excellent. With the same management team in place, I'm sure they'd do a lovely job.

      1. My advice (which you didn't ask for): don't dumb down your choice because some people like bland food.

        1. Eastern Standard. The default answer to a lot of questions on this board, but I think it would work particuarly well here. They could easily handle a large party and I think there's also a private room, but maybe not big enough for 30-40. I can't imagine that anyone would struggle to find something on the menu that appeals, even people you might think bland, and there are more interesting things for others. It's not outrageously expensive and it has valet parking as well as lots/metered parking nearby if the Sox aren't at home. Also easily accessible by the green line and a number of buses.

          1. Have you found a location yet?