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Jun 23, 2008 05:56 AM

Sunday Night BBQ - Bourbon Steak, Scottsdale

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

Went to Bourbon steal last night for the $49 Sunday night BBQ!
The only suggestion I have is to go hungry!

We arrived @ the Princess at 6pm.
Entered into Bourbon Steak and it was relatively quiet.....the outdoor grill was already going and the chef and staff were busy setting up the buffet.

We were quickly seated at a table near the we could watch the chef's on a 111 degree day in full dress prepare our meal.
A DJ was in the corner playing top 40 a palatable decible that even my 73 yr old Mother didn't mind as she could hear herself talk.

The waiter came over w/ 3 of 'Michael Mina's famouse 'Cable Car' cocktails to wet our palate while we decided on our order.

You get a choice of a main entree ...everything else is either brought to the table or you can help your self from an unlimited supply from the buffet.
My Mother decided on the Salmon marinated in a Lime Cilantro Citronette... my SO and I each had the Flank Steak, marinated w/Charmoula Sauce (mine rare, his medium)

We then headed to the buffet table where the chefs had brought out: Heirloom Tomatoes w/Burrata Cheese and a Balsamic dressing, A Grilled Fresh Peach and Corn Salad, and Bibb Wedge with Avocado, Bacon and a Smokey Oregon Blue,Cheese.
A Summer English Pea Soup w/ a Dollop of Creme Fraiche, a Lobster Soup w/ a Mini Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and a Chilled Cucumber Soup,
Oysters and Clams, Shrimp along with Green Goddess Dressing, Cocktail Sauce, and Mignonette,
Mini Maine Lobster Rolls, Mini Kobe Beef burgers, and Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/ slaw and pickles....
We took a sampling of everything and went back for seconds on all the fresh shellfish.

We we arrived back at the table a skillet of cornbread was was pipng hot!

After nibbling on the buffet our main dishes arrived along w/ 3 side: Roasted Asparagus with A Tomato Citrus Vinaigrette, Sweet Corn, dusted w/ Cotija Cheese, Ancho Chili, Smokey Baked Bean w/ pancetta.. if that wasn't enought the waiter then brought over a trio of fries to taste....they were hot and crisp. One fried in duck fat, one in truffle oil and one in a cayenne pepper.....they were amazing!

Our Main dishes were amazing...the steaks were perfectly cooked and tender...I loved the cilantro flavor from the Charmoula Sauce. My Mother enjoyed the Salmon ...she could only eat half as she was stuffed from all the goodies off the buffet.

We were so satiated from our meal.... when the waiter then came over w/ 3 enourmous glasses of sassafras ice cream and a bottle of IBC Rootbeer and we enjoyed 3 of Michael Mina's signature Root Beer floats.......
I actually thought I was going to float away.......

The room had filled up by the time we left and the sun was beginning to set. We could really enjoy the beauty of the room...very modern, clean, open and welcoming.

This is an amazing Summer Special......
I will definiely be back!

Bourbon Steak
7575 E. Princess Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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  1. Ciaogal.... nice write-up. Sounds worth checking out. I feel for the chefs having to stand in 111 weather... thank goodness it's a dry heat, eh?

    1. Mouth wateringly good review. I have been wanting to go, your description is enough to push me off my inertia this weekend.

      1. My mouth actually watered while reading your review. Very nice work. Did you happen to notice if they do anything for kids? I don't mind paying $50 per person for me and my wife, but my little kids just can't do enough damage yet. Thanks for the review.


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        1. re: barry

          As a matter of fact there was a family in the next room, near the DJ with 2 young children. It looks as if they brought them Hot Dogs and fries and root beer floats, as well as enjoying the mini Kobe burgers off the Buffet.

          Before their meal arrived the kids were getting their groove on to the DJ.

          Unfortunately, I have no idea what they charged for the kids......though I would say the Sunday night BBQ is 'Kid Friendly'!


        2. Do you know if they do this every Sunday? I checked their website and didn't see any mention of it. Sounds great.

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          1. re: ajs228

            It is offered Sunday Nights all Summer long.....not sure when it ends?

          2. The original comment has been removed