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Jun 23, 2008 05:53 AM

Flood Tide Rest/Inn at Mystic

We are staying at the Inn for a couple of nights and I'm wondering if we should plan on dinner one night at their restaurant, The Flood Tide? Where else should we go? We are going away WITHOUT the kids, so upscale recs would be appreciated!


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  1. Their food is always good- did Sunday Brunch there in Feb and it was excellent.

    For alternate try Bravo Bravo- a little loud w/ hardwood floors but food/value oustanding

    1. I'd second Bravo. I'd also recommend, Azu, Anthony J's (both in Mystic) or Water Street Cafe in Stonington. I can't comment on the Flood Tide as I haven't been there in ages, last time ~3 years ago, it was average.

      1. Try the Restaurant at the sea port. ( Sorry the address is so long.but that's the way it came out. Nice place not to expensive. But a nice atmosphere with the nautical theme. Good luck and hope this helps . Earle Ct.

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          I haven't heard anything good about the Seamen's Inne in a long, long time. Have you been recently? I live less than a mile and haven't been in many years.

        2. Flood Tide is probably worth one dinner, based on a visit two years ago. Besides those mentioned above you might look up Boom in Stonington or Randall's Ordinary for something different. You can find lots of recommendations for restaurants in the vicinity by entering Mystic or Stonington in Chowhound's search engine.

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            Boom in Stonington is now The Dog Watch Cafe.

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              Randall's Ordinary offers authentic colonial cuisine prepared entirely in an open-hearth fireplace. (per their website) It's pretty quirky, you have to be interested in colonial cuisine served by staff in period clothing.

              1. re: Vizla

                Randall's is out of business and has been for a few years. Sorry.

            2. We stayed at the Inn too,, loved it. Although wasn't too impressed with the Flood Tide (service wasn't up to par, that always bring the whole experience down for me).

              We loved two places in Stonington: Noah's and Water St. Cafe (both on water st.).