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Jun 23, 2008 05:39 AM

Fogo (DC) vs. Chima (Tysons)

We love Fogo in DC and have been several times. We'd like to try Chima -- but have heard some negative things about it. Anyone been to both and care to compare?

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  1. There's a VERY recent thread about regional Brazilian steakhouses on this board. I'm pretty sure this comparison is discussed.

    1. And don't forget Texas de Brazil in Fair Oaks Mall. I've been to all three and it's a toss-up. Good "salad" bar and good meats, neither one great, too much of both, and not a dieter's destination.

      1. I've eaten at both numerous times and would say that Fogo's meats are much more flavorful. Their cold bar and rice and beans selections (feijoada) are more extensive and also tastier. They're both about the same price so I think for the money, Fogo is the way to go. Can't comment about Texas de Brazil since I haven't been. Either place you choose, make sure you're hungry.

        1. Beef ribs at Chima are much better than Fogo's in my opinion. All of the other meats were better at Fogo is better in my opinion including the dessert options. Chima offers swordfish and some other seafood for one of the selections during Dinner and Fogo does not. Chima has a much more modern/trendy setting.

          1. What kind of differences are you looking for, or are important to you? Neither one has bad food. Chima is slightly less expensive and the parking is free. General opinion is that the meat at Fogo is better but it's not like day or night, and besides, you go to those places at least partially to stuff yourself slightly beyond good taste.

            If Chima is really out of your way and Fogo is convenient, I'd stick with Fogo. If it's no hassle to get to Tyson's Corner, give it a try. It won't suck, as long as you don't find something that bugs you you'll enjoy it, and you can make up your own mind.

            Me, I go to Malibu Grill when I feel like stuffing myself. The meat isn't as tender as the high priced churrascarias but for this non-gourmet, a satisfying dinner costs half as much as if I went downtown and it's just 3 miles from home with free parking. I recognize the better quality at twice the price, but when I think of Argentine cowboys and what they might eat, the more homey quality somehow seems more authentic. Your tastebuds and jaw muscles may differ. <g>

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                "It won't suck..."


                FWIW, I like the Chima space -airier and lighter and funkier than Fogo. But in general, the food at Fogo is slightly better.