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Jun 23, 2008 05:30 AM

Late night wine & food - Montreal

I'm working downtown this week until 10:30pm. After work, I enjoy sitting, enjoying a nice glass of wine and something lite to eat, in a relatively non-noisy environment, usually with my wife and/or co-workers. We're not interested in dancing, disco-ing or rapping so a restrained atmosphere is a priority. The weather this week in Montreal has been absolutely beautiful so sitting outside on a terrace would be a plus. I've been to Crescent St. in the daytime - I'm wondering if I might need earplugs at nite to be there? We like people watching; I just don't want to have to scream at the person sitting next to me. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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    1. Trundle up to Outremont/Mile End and avail yourself of Leméac's after 10-p.m. special: first and main (from a slimmed down but still very appealing menu) plus coffee or tea for $22. Great wine list and vibe, too. For something more intimate, head to Bouchonné wine bar: lots of little plates and a couple of big ones, all attuned to the season, and an appealing list of mostly French, mostly artisanal wines. BU, just around the corner, is another, bigger wine bar with a cooler interior, longer wine list and Italian slant to the cooking (again, mostly little plates). The new kid on the block is Buvette Chez Simone (4869 Park, 514 750-6577, no website I'm aware of); have yet to visit and am not quite sure of the food situation other than that the people behind it are trustworthy and they're legally required to serve eats along with the drink.

      Three wine bars closer to downtown: Pullman (on Park just north of Sherbrooke), Pop! (Pine just west of St-Denis; sometimes has live music -- see schedule on website) and Asuz (in Old Montreal).

      While you're probably safe assuming you can get something worthwhile to eat at any of these places until at least midnight, it's always a good idea to call ahead.