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Jun 23, 2008 05:21 AM

Cooking with fresh peach

I'm in a peach kick this summer. I bought a dozen to try out this cake recipe, which didn't turn out well. Anyone else have recipes for fresh peach that I can try? Besides cobbler and ice tea?

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  1. There was a recipe in a recent Gourmet (last few months) for pork chops with peaches and brandy. I've made it a couple of times and it's easy and pretty good. Should be on the Epicurious web site.

    1. I'm grilling some pork chops tonight which will go with a fresh peach salsa. Peach salsa is good with fish too...and tortilla chips of course!

      I also like to use them in salad. We had one yesterday with fresh corn, some feta, a bit of bacon, some sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes and the peaches.

      Grilled and served with some greek yogurt or with ice cream

      Cooked down a bit and again over ice cream or with yogurt.

      Peach ice cream!

      Peach pie! ( I like to add blackberry to them)

      Add some peaches to gazpacho for a twist

      I haven't made it in ages but I used to make peach soup out of peaches and yogurt and finished with prosecco. use some lemon juice as well...and your choices of spices..cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. mint is nice too.

      Eat them simply out of hand. This is the very best way to use them if they're good.

      I love peaches! Enjoy yours!

      1. I like to halve them....brush with some balsamic glaze....and throw them on the grill.
        Then slice and put over ice cream or gelato. Really good....

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          I do something very similar. Cut into slices, do a quick soak in Amaretto liquor and then cook in a grill pan. Dust with cinnamon and serve alongside vanilla ice cream.

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            that sounds great. will try it soon...

        2. Peach quick bread:

          Most call for puree or canned peaches but fresh stand out in this recipe. And, it's similar to cake since that's what you were trying originally.

          1. This Alton Brown recipe for Individual Peach Upside-Down cakes is fantastic and very simple to make:


            The presentation is pretty and the portion just right. I serve it with small scoops of vanilla ice cream.