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Jun 23, 2008 02:39 AM

Falafel update ?

looking for a falafel place that has great salads to add to the pita bread (eggplant, etc) and other tasty comdiments, Perhaps a middle east Israeli/Lebonese place, not Greek. Any good finds?

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  1. Try Joshua's in Woodstock, NY. Great sampler plate with felafal and all sorts of great salads.

    1. Layla's on High Ridge Road in Stamford. Also opening another location near Summer St. in South Stamford.

      1. My favorite place is Myrna's in Stamford. It's all very authentic and delicious! The baba ghannouj is also fantastic!

        1. Try the Main Course in New Paltz - they have excellent falafel and a very eclective menu. It is the storefront to their catering business. The best falafel I've had since moving from Chicago.

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            Not sure where youre from..I like Falafel Inn In Norwalk on Rt 7. Small takeout place with maybe 4 tables.
            I found Myrnas to be extremely bland. Ffld Cty is definitely lacking in Turkish/Middle Eastern food.

            1. re: lovesublime

              There's a new-ish falafel place on Route 1/Westport Avenue in Norwalk, across from the old no-tell motel that's been refurbished. It's in that weird section that has a car dealership on one side and a Taco Bell on the other. Haven't tried it, but intend to.

                1. re: woodys

                  I'll second that one. I've enjoyed it every time I have been there and the Middle Eastern guys I work with give it their stamp of approval.

                2. re: Elizzie

                  jfood gives me baths on that street. so it is just east on Pennzey's/stews on the same side of the street as Pennzy's?

                  1. re: jfood

                    Well, this thread really got my mouth watering, so I took myself on a little Norwalk road trip today and can now offer my own enthusiastic thumbs-up to Falafel Inn, 333 Westport Ave. (Route 1). Yes, jfood it's about a half mile east of Penzey's, on the same (north) side, in a little strip center with a hardware store. (Except for the route number this place matches the one mentioned by lovesublime.) Brought home a side of falafel with tahini for $1.99, an unbeatable bargain, cooked fresh to order, sizzling and crispy. I liked 'em best with a dash of hot sauce. Also bought a small tub of exceptional, smoky baba ghanoush for $2.99. Told the lovely young woman behind the counter that I had seen good reviews here in Chowhound, and she was happy to hear it, and said another fellow had mentioned the same thing. Website with menu and coupons:

                    1. re: WendyBinCT

                      Thanks Wendy. Jfood ate there and posted a few months ago on Falafel Inn. Really liked it as well. Much better than Layla in Stm.

                      1. re: WendyBinCT

                        Wow, I just checked the website sounds sooo good. I had the best falafel in my life in Israel 13 years ago. I still remember it and have been on a quest to find a similar style here. It sounds like that might be the closest in this area. In Jerusalem they put french fries (chips) in the pita with the balls, a light tehina sauce and a salad of fresh cukes, tomatoes, and onion. A-mazing!
                        I live in Westchester and there used to be a place in Wykagyl (New Rochelle) that had great Israeli style falafel, but sadly it closed. I may have to trek up 95 to try falafel inn :)

                        1. re: momof3


                          just to manage your expectations when you go. Although you enjoyed the falafels in Jerusalem (jfood drove his colleagues crazy byinsisting on falafel for lumch every day there) you will not find The Jerusalem Post at Falafel Inn and the TV is not tuned to a local Tel Aviv station, if you get jfood's drift. But the food is excellent.

                          1. re: jfood

                            Jfood, i do understand. Frankly, it is what I would expect. I will still try it as one of tthe great things about food is that it bridges all ethnic, religious, and geographic chasms. I'm willing to give it a try expectations as always in check.

                            1. re: momof3

                              the falaffel is worth the trip. and jfood agrees that food eaten with people from all walks of life has been one of the great equalizers.

                    2. re: Elizzie

                      We got takeout from there a couple of is tasty...had the chicken shwarma wrap and hummus platter. Yum!

                3. Joeyness in Fort Lee NJ makes the best falafel I've ever eaten along with a smoky savory baba ganouj and an interesting variety of other middle eastern salads. On lower Main Street in Fort Lee, stone's throw from the GWB. Joey is a CIA grad of Lebanese heritage. Sweet guy, runs the joint with his mom.