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Jun 22, 2008 10:56 PM

Red Bean Ice Cream

I LOVE LOVE LOVE red bean ice cream but I wish I could have it whenever I wanted instead of when I'm at a restaurant.
So my question: Where can I buy it by the carton? I've checked a couple of the Asian markets around town, but they don't have it. Also checked Whole Foods and Central Market. Both of them had green tea ice cream, but no red bean. Does anyone have any help?

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  1. Central Market used to carry red bean popsicles that I would pick up. They were pretty good. When I was up in the Chinatown Center about a month ago, the sweets store there (I'm blanking on the name) carried red bean ice cream. They may be able to pack quarts. I didn't try it because I walked out tweaked off at the women that came in after me. They pushed in front of me and literally had 15 already called in orders with about 10 changes to them plus about 10 additionals. But since they were the most important people in the universe, the rest of us mere mortals had to wait and wait...
    But I digress, the ice cream looked good. I think MT Supermarket up there has carried red bean when I've been up there, but I haven't looked recently.

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      Shan is right, I saw Red Bean Ice Cream at MT Supermarket. It was in the same case as other speciality ice creams. In addition to red bean, I saw (if memory serves me right0 Green Tea, Cheese and Corn Ice Cream, sweet purple yam with bean are a few of the other flavors in the case.

      Magnolia was the brand picked up:

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        To further digress....the customers are aggressive at MT. I just push right back....funny, the take no offense whatsoever.

        I think that i saw that ice cream there as well.

      2. I've seen red bean ice cream at the Asia Market (the one with Asia Cafe in the back). It was in popsicle form.

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          I saw Azuki bean ice cream at Asia Market today while at Asia Cafe. Are azuki beans the bean in red bean ice cream? If so they have it in half gallon tubs as well as pints (I didn't see any popsicile form but I also wasn't looking for it).

          1. re: Carter B.

            Yep, Azuki is red bean, and Asia Cafe sells it in tub form, as well as in popsicle and mochi.

            Red bean ice cream is tied with pistachio as my favorite flavor, but when I was in Japan, I had Japanese sweet potato ice cream. It was *amazing*. I'd pay through the nose to get my hands on some here in the states.

        2. Go to any 99 Ranch Markets, they have them in the freezer section. They are a large Asian grocery store chain located mostly in areas with a large Asian population.

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          1. re: dkrn04

            Dallas, check. Houston, check. Austin, nope.

            1. re: reinadetostones

              I forgot I had mentioned this, it was so long ago.

              I recently found it as Asia Market, both by the carton and in bar form. It's fantastic.