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Jun 22, 2008 09:37 PM

Sinaloa in Bakersfield...

...don't eat here. The tacos are ground beef. The beans are truly lacklustre. The spanish rice was mediocre; how did they accomplish that? And the chips? They were absent. Bread instead! And my primary bellwether, the relleno? The batter was so excruciatingly thin as to be the slightest suggestion that there was to have been any; nearly absent. The iced tea, however, was copious and cold. The old neon sign was pretty good, though.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't post a query before you ate there. I could have warned you off. It's not very authentic Mexican food, as you found out. They should be ashamed of serving their ground beef tacos.
    Instead of Sinaloa's, you should have gone a block or two further east to La Costa Mariscos. They're on the same street but on the north side. It's a small one room joint with some patio dining (as hot as it is now, I wouldn't recommend the patio). The food at La Costa is far better than what you find at Sinaloas'.
    If you go for lunch on the weekdays, the joint gets filled up completely. Get there before noon or after 1pm to get a table. Otherwise you have to wait to be seated.