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Sui Tofu, Santa Clara report w/ pics

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We tried Sui Tofu on Sat 6/21/08 for lunch. It's in the Petco shopping Center on El Camino Real on the Left side on the corner. It's close to 99 Chicken.

The menu is huge. They have English, Korean, & some pictures for some dishes.

I got:
Cold Noodle $8.99 - you can pick from 4 different types of noodles. Since I didn't know what the different ones were I asked the waitress, who just said they are different color. O K. I picked Green since I saw someone eating green noodles.

They call it Ka Si Oh Ga Pee - doesn't that sound awful? It just means Green Noodles to me. The bowl is Huge! You can drown in that metal bowl. It's filled with ice, cold broth that's kinda sweet. Noodles are seaweed green (really long that she cut w/ scissors) & comes w/ slices of daikon & cucumbers. Pretty good.

Other cold noodles were: Mea Mill, Chic, & Nue Rup. Then there's also spicy noodle and hot noodle.

Hubby got: seafood tofu w/ side of short rib $14.99-he asked for it spicy and it was. He enjoyed it. Short ribs were nice and tender served sizzling hot - enough for 2 and leftovers.

8 Banchan sides were:
fish cakes -good
daikon in red sauce-ok
bean sprouts-didn't try them
cucumbers in red sauce - fine
kimchi - fine
mild kimchi - ok
homemade tofu w/ spicy sauce -good
jap chae noodles-other tables got this but we didn't. When I got the bill I asked for the noodles & she gave me a small container to take home. That was cool.

Our total before tip $27.06, melon gum given w/ bill.

One unisex bathroom in the back. Another dining room in the back.
Credit cards taken.

My pics:

Sui Tofu
2777 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA

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  1. I believe "mae mil" is buckwheat and "chic" is arrowroot. Arrowroot noodles are usually black. I saw a place on Camino from the window of a bus with a banner saying it specialized in chic naeng myun, but I didn't note the exact location.

    According to the sign in your photo, this place specializes in soontubu, "yungyang" jook (sorry, don't know what yungyang is) and haejangguk, which is some kind of hardcore soup with lots of chiles and blood, like bun bo Hue. I've never had it.