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Jun 22, 2008 09:19 PM

BBQ shrimp, etc. recs

We'll be visiting New Orleans next week. Tasting the beignets already! :) Our kids are old enough to go to any restaurant now and I've promised them at least one place for bbq shrimp. Where should we plan for? I'd also love at least one great dinner, whether it's Commander's Palace, Two Sisters, or the like. Maybe Brennan's for breakfast. What requires reservations and how far in advance? It's been years since I've been to NO. Thanks for any info.

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  1. For BBQ shrimp: Mr B's. The best. Also get their gumbo ya-ya. Also the best. And they're open for lunch, so it's a great value.

    1. For the best bbq shrimp, you've got to go to Metairie. Crazy Johnny's does excellent bbq shrimp, and they're cheap.

      Definitely Commander's for your dinner.

      1. Pascal's Manale for BBQ shrimp. 504-895-4877
        I have never had a good Breakfast at Brennan's experience...maybe it's just me. You might do better having brunch at Commander's Palace.
        I would also skip Court of the Two Sisters. Lunch or Dinner at Galatoire's is a must.
        Enjoy, and thanks for coming!

        1. I second Mr. B's BBQ shrimp. Pascal's is good and classic but not great. Pascal's is a little oily-er compared to Mr. B's. B's BBQ Shrimp sauce mopped up with their bread is wonderful. Also, other items at Mr. B's are outstanding.
          Pascal's bar is classic though and it is a easy streetcar ride from the quarter.
          Then again B's is very comfortable and the service is execeptional.

          1. Thanks to all of you. I'll skip the Brennan's. I went there in...what was it...1986, maybe? :) We'll try Commander's or Galatoire's for dinner. I'll be sure to call ahead and see what I can get. We'll be going midweek so we may be OK.

            The kids are saying we have to go to Pascal's, since it's the original, but now I can't decide.

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              Original is not synonymous with best. I prefer Commander's for lunch ( make resv. for the garden room by the window). Speak up if they try to seat you elsewhere. In case you are unfamiliar, it's upstairs and surrounded by windows. Lovely treetop dining. Check the summer menus topic on this board for rest. specials. Galatoire's doesn't take resv. for downstairs, which is where you want to dine. Jackets required for dinner. Enjoy and thanks for coming!

              1. re: kelkins

                We've enjoyed the BBQ shrimp at Pascal's Manale. Maybe it's the old school surroundings.