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Jun 22, 2008 09:15 PM

Rochester MN in mid July

Will be spending a week in Rochester and wondering what locals or others would recommend. In particular things like steak, barbecue, pizza, casual dinners etc. Wine/drinks list not a factor. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    1. re: Ummm

      Thanks for the links Ummm; although I was only walking around the Mayo and hotels area, I enjoyed Chesters (although the portion sizes were a bit large and I mostly had 2 apps for dinner), Sontes, and Jaspers. Newt's burgers were okay but not superb, and the BBQ at Roscoe's (the summer season one) was alright although the fries and rings a bit less so.

      One interesting thing that happened 3 separate times (at 3 different places)-- check arriving with dessert (which seems a bit pushy since none of the places were crowded at the time) and at the 3 same times, servers asking "do you need change" when it should have been pretty obvious that the answer was "yes" ( I think of myself as a reasonable tipper but not 75-90% which is what was left in the holder). Not sure if this is Rochester tradition but it was a bit off-putting on what was otherwise pleasant service.

      1. re: J and V

        thanks for the report back.

        i don't recall when the check usually comes - i think i'd experienced both (with dessert, or have to ask for it) but i really haven't paid much attention... plus i usually pay with debit card and never cash so never got asked the change question. i'll have to pay more attention to when the check comes next time!

        1. re: J and V

          It is appropriate to present the check with dessert, or very soon thereafter. You do not have to leave then. But, many times, people linger and then decide they want to go NOW. It is very frustrating to want to go and not have the check. Better to have the check and stay than not have it and want to go.

          The change question is appropriate, assuming the server has not examined the bill first and calculated the change required. Some people leave enough money to cover the bill plus the tip. If change is then returned, it is perceived that whatever was left for the tip was not good enough. It's like the waitress rejected the tip in expectation of more. It's easiest, and most appropriate, to simply ask.

      2. I've always enjoyed John Hardy's BBQ. The Redwood Room is pretty good stuff too.