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Jun 22, 2008 09:08 PM

Lee How Fook, recommend your dish

we're slowly eating our way through the menu: I am currently addicted to the orange beef, schezuan string beans, and brisket appetizer. We love the peking duck.

My sister is coming into town just before Lee How's closes for their vacation: any dish suggestions? Hot pots or rice platters -- or really anything that you just love?

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  1. I'm a big fan of the hot and sour soup. Any one of the stir frys is excellent. They're pedestrian enough dishes, but these guys do them better than anyone I know.


    1. I just tried the green beans and agree that they're awesome. I can't go and not get the Yang Chow fried rice. It's ruined all others for me. I also love the sea bass with black bean sauce. If you're a Sweet & Sour fan, the sweet and sour sea bass has wowed quite a few of my clients.

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        How are the string beans prepared?

        Try to avoid the oyster hot pot, which is completely devoid of flavor. And although I've never personally had any of their sweet and sour dishes, I will attest that they are popular among LHF's non-Asian patrons.

      2. We always get the salt and pepper shrimp.

        1. Please tell me they won't be going on vacation soon. What dates will they be closed? I was planning on taking my parents there in about 2 weeks. They need a Chinatown "fix" before going back to Fl. Any other restaurants that compare?

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                Fish hot pot with extra cilantro, salt baked scallops, still my fav in Phila

            1. i am not a big fan of lee how fook, but their pork with ginger and scallions is very good.