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Jun 22, 2008 08:37 PM

Did anyone check out Currylicious?

I didn't hear anything about this until I saw a news segment on it tonight. I wish I knew about it earlier. Seems there were a number of vendors/chefs all giving away a variety of curries at Harbourfront today. Currious (sorry, couldn't resist) to know how tasty the offerings were.

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  1. Yes. There were about 6-7 vendors there providing free curry, and 1-2 selling it. There was a decent crowd there so you had to wait in line to get tiny plates that allowed you to collect what each vendor was dishing out. Sadly the plates held very little and the portions were limited as such... so it was enough to get a taste but it wasn't going to fill you up. Stonegrill had some cashew curry and by now I forget who the other vendors were. One had a curry tortellini, so I can't say the variety wasn't decent. However nothing stood out to me taste-wise. I felt some of the rice was undercooked, as well as the pasta.

    They also gave away 20,000 packages of naan (that's for heating up at home). I don't think they accomplished that because there were tons of cases left and Marty had to keep reminding people to pick up some free naan.

    I think it was worth checking out, but no big loss if you missed it.

    1. Just checked out the official website. 14 restaurants participated, yet none are named. The Harbourfront site had nadda on the event. No wonder so few knew. No wonder there was leftover naan. Hire a publicist already. Hope they donated the naan to a food bank.

      BTW if "licious" becomes as ubiquitous and hackneyed an advertising hook as "one at a time", I'm going to avoid anyone using the phrases just on principle.

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        nothing to write home about. most of the curries were typical punjabi styles that fared well with western mouths ie butter chicken. not much going on on the spice dept. and a def. lack of world curry cuisine ie singapore, china, west indies. could see this being a bigger hit if they just get the right restos/chefs on board.

        1. re: insideman

          Too bad. It would be fantastic to see this actually take off into a major event with more curries represented. I'd love to see some authentic Thai, Malaysian, and Japanese curry make it there, for example.

          1. re: vorpal

            I'd like to see a new name for the event. Num nums might be onto something with that "Curryous".