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Jun 22, 2008 07:48 PM

Itinerary - 40th birthday trip - need help!

Chowhounds, i need your help. Travelling to New York July 25th - 29th, have spent hours reading this board and trying to plan our recs - you guys are amazing! DH and I are turning 40 and want to make the most of our trip. Here's what I have so far, any comments or suggestions would be great!

Friday 25th - Special birthday dinner at EMP
Sat 26th - need awesome brunch place either near our hotel (33rd and Madison) - would Artisanal be good? or Times Square area - not sure where. Doing Brooklyn Bridge walking tour at 5:00, and thinking Dinner at Peter Luger after - good idea?
Sun 27th - LES eating tour (sounds awesome!), then 6:30 broadway show, need ideas for post-theater dinner, but we could take a cab anywhere - preferably something not too expensive, ok to reserve for 9:30/10:00 pm, good late night vibe
Mon 28th - Breakfast - Penelope's (near hotel) then walking around soho / greenwich village. Dinner - Little Owl (or other suggestions for good/moderate GV rec) then jazz at the Village Vanguard.
Tues 29th - The Met, Central Park, The Frick. For lunch, we thought to wander around Central Park but suggestions for cheap / street food would be great. Dinner - need help! Looking for something moderate in price, ($50 each plus tax and tip), maybe a "neighbourhood" restaurant, could be in any area.

For suggestions, we are open to try anything, but we are not big fans of fish/seafood (allergies!). Love pretty much everything else, especially stuff that is unique to NY, ethnic. Thanks for any help you can give!

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  1. The Vanguard is usually closed on Mondays. If you look at their schedule, you'll see that they have Victor Lewis July 22-27 and Paul Motion July 29 to Aug. 3. ( on the 28th.

    As well, by all means do the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but when you get to the Brooklyn side you'll be in Brooklyn Heights, no where near Pete Luger's, which is in Williamsburg- near the Williamsburg Bridge- not within walking distance, nor do any of the subways where you'll be go to Williamsburg. You might be able to pick up a cab (be warned crusing cabs are rare in Brooklyn, but sometimes you can get one in Brooklyn Heights on their way back to the bridge into Manhattan.

    Better to pick a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights or on Smith Street in Cobble Hill-where there are many good choices. One standard stop on the Brooklyn side after a walk over the bridge is Grimaldi's- a neighborhood fixture pizza place. Good, not great, pizza.

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      Thanks for the info. I should have looked at the address for Pete Luger's, of course. I'll revise the itinerary. Thanks again!

    2. There is also that little ice cream shack by Grimaldis. You can enjoy the views across the river.

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        Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory--it's not just a shack, it's an institution.

      2. For Saturday brunch you can't beat Perry St. Not in the locations you mention, but worth the detour to the west Village. The food is excellent and you get 3 courses for $24. Elegant but casual modern atmosphere and fine service. For after theater, in the theater district my pick would be Marseille, which serves great French and Moroccan food in a lively brasserie atmosphere. For something more trendy with really good food, take a cab to the Village and go to Bar Blanc.