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Sauces to get at Pommes Frites?

Hey all just wanted some input and opinions on what the best sauces are at Pommes Frites. I see their sales policy is they will let you sample each and every one but I hate to be annoying. The ones that are appealing to me just from scanning are the mango chutney, pomegranate, honey mustard, pineapple, peanut satay sauces, mexican ketchup, sweet chili, and roasted garlic, AHHH they all sound so good lol.

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  1. Roasted garlic is good, but somewhat unexciting. Honey mustard and sweet chili don't do it for me. The others I haven't tried, though the mango chutney sounds interesting. I am in love with the peanut sauce --- it's surprisingly good with fries, but my favorite by far is the war sauce: a combination of peanut and frites sauce with chopped onions. It's peanut sauce to the nth level.

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      Yeah I definitely want to try the peanut sauce.

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        Smoked Eggplant. Every time I get it, friends give me a look, then I end up fighting with them for it. :)

      2. peanut sauce & parmesan peppercorn.

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          Parmesan peppercorn and mango chutney! THere's also a rosemary and garlic one that's realll yummy.

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            I'm gonna third the parmesan peppercorn, it's delicious.

        2. get the sweet mango chutney mayo and the sweet chili sauce, and then dip in both.
          trust me.

          1. The sundried tomato is really delicious with the french fries.. like a ketchup with a zing. I also love any of the garlic ones.

            1. the Vietnamese Pineapple is great--I tried the roasted garlic the other day and it is different from the original one-I say no to this version--
              the parmesan peppercorn is also great--I didn't like the peanut satay on my fries--the pomegranite was interesting-

              1. Wow thanks to all for your suggestions so far. Seems like theres many great sauces. DO they really let you sample as many as you like?

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                  I'm with cidonie: I love the smoked eggplant, as well. I could eat it straight.

                  I've always found Pomme Frites to be more than gracious about sampling. I wouldn't try all 20+ that way, but if there aren't a lot of other folks waiting behind you in line, you could definitely try a couple before deciding.

                2. I love the one with European mayo, catsup and onions...and the poutine is awesome. Not sure if it's "authentic" but it's "delicious" for sure!

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                    Love the poutine. I know it sort of defeats the purpose, but I prefer to get the gravy on the side and pour a little at a time, so the fries stay crispy. More of a winter food, though (or, at least, the thought of having to make a showing at the beach in a bikini restricts my consumption in the summer months ;).

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                      Cimui you amaze me sometimes! I have been eating poutine in Canada since I was little where the fries are generally thinner- and therefore retain their crispiness under the gravy. I never thought about asking for my gravy on the side at Pomme frites to overcome this- Thank You!!!

                      I will NOT be able to wait until big sweater season to try this out :)

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                        it's a little harder to get the perfect cheese curd to gravy to fry ratio this way -- but then that just calls for more practice, right? ;)

                  2. Also, ask the employees to make you something. I've done this a few times, and each time they'll mix 3 or 4 sauces and make something great. The only problem is I never remember what they mix.

                    1. I've tried the parmesan peppercorn, smoked eggplant, and pomegranate dips... parmesan was the best, though the others were also tasty.

                      1. I like the curry. It's just a standard jarred sauce. There are definitely better curry sauces out there. But the combo of french fries and curry can't be beat!