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Jun 22, 2008 07:39 PM

10th Anniversary Dinner in Naples

Hello. We'll be spending our 10th anniversary in Naples (the last week of July). We want a top-drawer, dress-up dinner. I think my better half might find Artisans pretentious for the money. Is the Grill Room worth it? There are two Ritz-Carltons in our city, so I'd like to find something more unique but just as elegant. Suggestions? BTW, unfortunately our anniversary is on a Monday night, so this might preclude some restaurants. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Hi Congrats! Im a concierge at one of the finer resorts in Naples. Bayleens at
    Laplaya has a beach dinner...right on the beach in the sand. They really do it up right and its an all inclusive price. I beleive it is on their website. If not ask me and I will send you all the info. We have sent over 100 guests in the past year and not one unhappy guest. Open Mondays.

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      Thanks for the congratulations. We are staying at LaPlaya, so we'll likely eat at Baleen's the night before. BTW, does anyone know exactly how expensive Artisans is? I keep reading "exhorbitant," "amazingly" and "really, really," but I can't seem to find any prices anywhere.

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        easy to spend $200 or more per person at Artisans, but it is by far the best in Naples. I would think that if you are not that into fine wine, you can dine for less. Baleen is lovely but the food is uneven at times. I love their bar and to have cocktails there would be lovely. LMF

    2. I ate at Baleen a few months ago and thought dinner was terrific. Maybe we just ordered all the right things. The setting is gorgeous and the bill was quite expensive. I've eaten at Artisans and don't believe it will cost you much more, if any. The setting at Artisans though is more hushed, subdued, and elegant. I believe sport coats are required for men. Baleen may have top drawer food, as does the Ritz, but the atmosphere is a bit more casual. The Ritz is your best bet for the special occasion. Congrats!

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        Thanks so much everyone! My better half surprised me and said he'd be interested in Artisans. They may not be open on Mondays, though. I will report back after our trip!