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Jun 22, 2008 06:58 PM

walking distance in Edgartown Martha's vineyard

Looking for suggestion in Edgartown, I dont have car so I need some help where should I eat?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Detente is nice, also check Atria, I think there is a wine dinner this week. Alchemy for lunch, they also have a bar menu and their burger is good. I like David Ryan's, OK food with a good price point. Lattanzis for pizza, The Newes of America at the Kelly House for good beer and pub food. Expresso Love for coffee and such, Among the Flowers for breakfast, ( on paper plates ) or Edgartown Inn for breakfast. These are all in Edgartown and easy walking. Enjoy your stay.

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      1. re: chezdick

        Thanks for the help, I already hit up Morning Glory Farms for produce.
        I also ate at the Seafood Shanty. Im here for 3 weeks so hopefully Ill get a chance to try it all
        Thx again!

        1. re: chow003

          Within walking distance, I can also recommend the sandwiches at Humphrey's, Espresso Love for coffee and pastries (did not love my sandwich or breakfast), drinks at Alchemy, and Atria for a wonderful meal in their brick bar. But don't forget, you can use the VTA to get around- everyone uses it and it's great. Then you can go explore the other island towns. Try to get to the farmer's market in West Tisbury on Saturday where you'll find the most amazing Asian food you've ever experienced along with local jams, jellies, vegetables and other treats.

      2. For fine dining I would suggest Catch On The Terrace in the Charlotte Inn. This is sister restaurant of Catch in Winchester. They feature excellent seafood prepared very creatively along with an excellent wine list. You won't be disappointed.

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          If you're here for 3 weeks check out the VTA. That's an excellant suggestion, get on over to Vineyard Haven and do breakfast/lunch at The Artcliff Diner; closed Weds. Then check out Offshore Ale Co. in Oak Bluffs for a pizza or the burger plus some good beer. Also in Oak Bluffs is the Sweet Life Cafe.. A little pricey but very good for dinner on a clear, balmy evening. Enjoy.

        2. Among the Flowers is always good.

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          1. re: visink

            Thanks for all the help
            The problem is Im here working, so Im only off at odd times in the day and at night, thats why I asked for walking distance.
            How are all theses places for dining alone?
            THANKS AGAIN!!!

            1. re: chow003

              Everything is fine for dining alone. Sit at the bar if you want company. The Vineyard is very friendly. If you want to be alone, just get your own table. Alchemy is nice for a single diner. They have 2 bars and I prefer the one upstairs. The Red Sox are usually on and there are often nice people to talk to.