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Jun 22, 2008 06:56 PM

Portland, Me, Newport, RI, Marthas Vineyard

My husband and I are traveling for a short 4 day holiday. We will begin in Portland, ME at the Portland Harbour Hotel on Friday night. We will travel to Newport, RI on Saturday and stay at the Marriott. On Sunday, we will go to Martha's Vineyard for two evenings at the Mansion House. This is our first time to this part of the States. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You should read the three different threads on these 3 wonderful locations: Here's a couple:

    1. Here's a recent one on Portland:

      You'll see 555, Fore street and street & co. for the more upscale restaurants. Do try duckfat!

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        Thanks for the links. We are flying into Boston, and considering taking the scenic tour and have lunch at the lobster shack in Cape Elizabeth. Then on to Portland. Have reservtions at the Mooring Restaurant--not until 8:30p. Maybe we could have an appetizer elsewhere before dinner. Black Pearl??
        Next day down to Newport. Any haunts or shacks we should not miss??

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          messed up-so far only have reservations for Saturday in Newport

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            If it a nice night you can get appetizers right on the water at either 22 bowens or The Black Pearl and watch the boats and sunset. Both have a patio outside.

      2. Re: the Portland part of your trip. I like the Lobster Shack at Cape Elizabeth. The view of the Atlantic is worth the trip. For dinner at night, the hottest restaurants are Evangeline (French), Emilitsa (Greek), 555 (New American) Bresca (New World Italian) and Caiola's (New American). Reservations are a must.

        1. When you are on the Vineyard staying at the Mansion House, you will be near some nice restaurants including Cafe Moxie, The Mediterranean and The Art Cliff Diner. You'll be near the island's best seafood spot, The Net Result which offers assorted take out items and picnic benches outside. They'll boil your lobster for you, if you want. I am NOT a big fan of the restaurant at The Mansion House which is called Zephrus. You'll get a free breakfast there with your room, but keep in mind that The Art Cliff Diner right down the road and even The Black Dog nearby offer much better breakfasts with a lot more ambiance and charm tied in. (You can do a search on this board for all of these places to read the reviews.) Keep in mind that Vineyard Haven is a dry town, so it is all BYOB. I can also recommend Humphrey's for huge sandwiches, The Sweet Life in Oak Bluffs for a real treat and The Scottish Bakehouse for really good pastries, sandwiches and take out items. (They are strong on vegetarian and vegan items, as well.) Please do not limit yourself to Vineyard Haven as the island is an eclectic mix of farm land, expansive ocean vistas and cozy little homes surrounded by roses that are all over the place right now. Try to get up island to Menemsha and Aquinnah and also try to get one meal in Edgartown, if not Oak Bluffs. They are all different and a trip to the Vineyard would not be complete without exploring the island and the spots that offer good food. Be prepared to spend a lot of money.