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Jun 22, 2008 05:54 PM

Tapas Bar Victoria BC

This is a great little hide-a-way on Trounce Alley off of Government Street. Try the house salad with browned butter dressing and the apple and ??? individual pizza. I've never had a bad selection at this place. Pretty crowded and loud music but great food.

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  1. karenvedder:

    We almost inevitably have at least one meal ... usually lunch ... there during visits to Victoria. We enjoy the atmosphere and friendly staff. Have had some decent courses. Spicy and garlic laden shrimp and patas bravas stand out and some decent Spanish wine...basi or something to that effect, Spanish take on sauvignon blanc.

    I can get a copy of EAT from the kitchen store down the alley and read through it while my wife hits the shops.

    Funny you mention the music. We have several CD's of Guitar Music for Small Rooms as a result of hearing it being played there.....

    1. Food is pretty good, but it is not really tapas, or Spanish. They don't even have Sherry or Serrano ham. Had a nice bottomless bowl of squash soup there one cold February afternoon that was quite enjoyable.

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      1. re: BigBrocktoon

        I'm a big fan of their bottomless soup too. Anything with black beans in it, or any of their creamy tomato variations, are always really good. I did have one weird experience when I went with my mom around 12:02 p.m., early enough that there was only one other table with three diners in the restaurant. They told us that they were OUT of bottomless soup because the other people had eaten it all. How could three people eat all the soup they had that day, in what... two minutes? Thirty-two minutes max. Don't lie to me!

        1. re: Jetgirly

          We were there last week during the Tall Ships. Tried 3 different tapas. All were very disapponting.

      2. I always have to have the almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, with crumbled goat(?) cheese and balsamic reduction. Yum.