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Jun 22, 2008 05:48 PM

Another Bermuda question

I, too, am looking for recommendations, but I have a bit of a twist. I am actually traveling alone (by cruise from Baltimore) in mid-July, and will be based out of St. George, but am willing to trek. I'm looking for good, but not too formal or fancy, options for lunch and dinner. Also, not too dressy, as I would prefer not to have to return to the ship to change clothes. Thanks for your help!

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  1. You'll want to go to Blackbeard's Hideaway, overlooking Achilles Bay. It's our favorite restaurant on he island, and it's open for lunch and dinner. The views are spectacular (and it may just be the best place on the island to catch the sunset), and the food is fresh and tasty. Be sure to have their version of the Bermuda fish chowder (don't forget to add a bit of the sherry pepper sauce and black rum---it'll be brought to your table when you order the chowder). It's very casual---as a matter of fact, we usually go snorkeling in Achilles Bay, then just change in Blackbeard's rest room (this is not at all discouraged!) into a T-shirt and shorts for lunch. It's easy to get to, although it seems not too many tourists know about it. When you get to St. Catherine's Beach, head up the road to the LEFT (the road to the right goes to the fort). There is shuttle service up to it from the square in St. George's, but it's also a reasonable (and picturesque) walk. Some great salads available for lunch, and at dinner be sure to get whatever the special is (usually local fish). It's also a great place to try a Dark 'n Stormy (a popular local drink---Black Seal rum and ginger beer).
    Another fun excursion would be to take the ferry from St. George's to the Dockyard. Once you get off the ferry, do NOT follow the tourists to the mall, but head toward the gates. Next to them you'll find Freeport restaurant. It's popular with the locals. Their fishcake sandwich (Ithink it's only available at lunchtime) is OUTSTANDING. Be sure to try their version of the Bermuda fish chowder, too. The inside is nice enough, but if you're lucky you can get a table outside and enjoy the view of the harbor.

    1. I'll second the Freeport Restaurant suggestion. We were there for dinner, not lunch, but had the fish chowder and other dishes, and they were quite good. We had two excellent lunches at Traditions (2 Middle Road, Sandys), which really will be a trek for you but is definitely worth the trip. The staff is super-friendly (they even remembered us when we went back the second time), and the codfish cake sandwiches are yummy. We also had a not fabulous but still good lunch at Cafe Gio in St. George. And be sure to stop by Bailey's Ice Cream Parlour for a scoop or two.