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Jun 22, 2008 05:36 PM

Greek in Morristown !?!

I dare not believe it, but I was stopped at the light at Cattano and Washington and saw a sign in a store on the right announcing the arrival of a Greek restaurant. Oh please let it at least be decent! I need somewhere within driving distance to satisfy my craving for Greek food. I did go to the Greek festival at St. Andrew's Church in Randolph two Sundays ago. Unfortunately because of the heat, I wasn't that hungry but managed the meze combo - olives, feta, spanakopita, tirokopita and dolmades. Nothing extraordinary, but good enough.

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  1. That would be terrific! I lived in Astoria for 7 years and you couldn't help but get hooked! Please tell me this is true!!

    Good for you for making it to the festival. I wussed out and stayed by my pool it was too darn hot.

    On a side note, now dare they say that Muse is Greek is beyond me. It's a a decent bar with some watered down Greek items on the menu.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. I hadn't noticed, but will be keeping an eye out. I miss good greek food (grew up in chicago). Last summer i was in Detroit briefly and had a nice dinner at a restaurant in Greek Town. I wish I had known about the festival at St. Andrews.
      Hopefully this establishment won't be a chain...seems like they are able to afford the rents in morristown that the independent businesses could not? For example, Brick Oven pizza moving into the spot previously occupied by Ora (do they even use a brick oven?)

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        had occasion to drive through morristown this morning and saw that the name of this restaurant is "Greek Delights" which also has a Montclair location. I know several people that eat at the Montclair regularly. My impression is that while it is not fancy, it is good, inexpensive greek food. We will have to see...the location is decent for the courthouse crowd, workday professionals, etc, but parking is difficult as a destination spot.
        Oh, and they have a website:

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          Parking isn't that difficult at night. I'm a little nervous, though. The sign is gone!

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          They do infact use a brick oven and the Brick Oven's of Florham Park, Westfield, and Milford are all individually owned. The manager came to our table because that was our first thought as well but he told us actually an interesting story about how all the brick ovens came to be. great food for reasonable prices especially for a BYO

        3. Bropaul, if you're willing to drive a little further, you MUST try Stamna Taverna in Bloomfield (one block south of Holsten's)! I know from a posting on another board that they're closing for most of the second half of August, but check it out. Some of the freshest/most interesting Greek food I've had in a long time! Their site is --click on the menu button on the left to see it. BYO to boot. :-)

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            Thanks, Curlz! I'm in Essex County a lot, so I'll have to check it out.

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              I have to second Stamna, I live in Bloomfield, and eat there regularly. The whole fish is always fresh and very lightly prepared. They are always packed lunch and dinner. They are closed most of august and every monday but def check them out.

            2. I was back at Stamna again last night...I just love this place. The food is ridiculously fresh and VERY fairly priced, and the vibe of "come, relax, stay..." is a really nice change from so many places these days. Yes, it's always packed on the weekends, but I think it's worth the wait (if you don't have a reservation). Last night I learned that they only take reservations for two-tops up to a few days before-just FYI.