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Jun 22, 2008 05:22 PM

Newish Maytag French Door frig dead

My 2 year old Maytag frig died two days ago. It seemed to be possessed by the devil. All the lights on the door were flashing, the ice maker flap kept opening and closing, and it was heating up. Had to be the Devil.

Maytag said, no devil, design flaw. They are mailing a part, and then we call for service. We luckily have a deep freeze and I saved everything in the freezer, and we have coolers.

Anyone else have this problem? Is this something I missed in a recall? I am ticked. We lost food in the frig part. Only so much can go in the coolers. And we are looking at least a week of buying ice, draining coolers , and refilling them.

Had to vent, my husband is tired of hearing it. He is doing the refilling of ice.

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  1. Fun read. Apparently you are not alone. Two bad capacitors.

    A lot of success with this alternative repair. Requires a trip to Radio Shack and someone familiar with soldering/desoldering capacitors to a printed circuit board.

    1. Maytag used to be possibly the best.Trouble is, from what I read many brands are changing hands, and some manufacture is being done is being done in, um, a vountry that shall remain nameless. I was lucky and bought a Maytag 10 years ago. It's worked great. If I had to buy a fridge now I'd be filled with fear and loathing. Many a famous brand name is being slapped on a piece o' junk. But best of luck.

      1. Wow, what a hassle. My fridge is an Amana works great after several years. Never had a single problem. But like a previous post it was purchased at least 5 years ago. You might get some great help on your next purchase of a replacement (if that happens) from the Consumer Reports website and their ratings of appliances. They really helped me decide on which brand to buy. Good luck!

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          I think appliances have been continously getting worse since the '70s. My current fridge is an Amana and I have not been happy with it. Owned it about 10 years. Freezer froze the produce in the produce bins. Couldn't get it fixed. Finally put duct tape over vents. I guess we have been lucky that it hasn't died.

        2. Sorry, but not surprised. My brother replaced his 20 year old dead Amana with a Maytag about 3 years ago--on my recommendation. His Maytag, which was made by Whirlpool, died a similar death after 6 months. Sears sent a new refrigerator. Then the new one required a compressor transplant. I had a Maytag that died suddenly after almost 18 years--never a problem. After my brother's experience, I decided against another Maytag. It seems that Whirlpool is not putting the quality in the Maytag brand that Maytag did. I wanted one with a bottom freezer. I found an LG that fit my requirements, size, configuration and moolah. My friend's 11 year old Kitchen Aid died shortly after mine, she bought the same one I did.

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          1. re: Kate is always hungry

            Whirpool !!!!!!!!!!!! This may be a food forum, but we are talking about manufacturers who don't get it right. So they made my MAYTAG. They also made my 4 year old dryer that died last week. I am so not happy with this company.

            Maytag has promised to mail the part as soon as possible. That was Friday night. We all know it won't go out until Tuesday morning. And then when we get the part we can call for service. All of this is to be at no cost.

            What happened to appliances lasting 20+ years? Yes, I am older than dirt.

            1. re: Janet

              Electronic components. Why does a refrigerator need to be a computer, too?

              At least the part isn't out of stock, as it was when these components first started to fail. You have a lemon. Have you asked if they will replace the food? After all, they have known about the manufacturing defect for a while, yet didn't issue a proactive recall.

              1. re: Janet

                I don't think it's any big secret that appliance makers aren't building appliances to last 20 years anymore. It seems to me that appliance manufacturers these days are working off an economic model that assumes consumers will have to replace major appliances every 7-10 years. We have a Frigidaire dishwasher that I believe is around 18-20 years old (it was here when we bought the house 12 yrs ago and was so not new at the time) and Whirlpool washer and dryer that are 15 yrs old. I am absolutely not replacing these appliances until they have breathed their last because I know what we are in for with new appliances these days.

                1. re: flourgirl

                  I have about a 3yr old Maytag french door unit which has been nothing but a problem. The most common problem is the fridge part likes to occasionally jump to 80 degrees with the freezer maintaining a normal temp.

                  1. re: mkel34

                    I have a 2 yr old GE profile bottom freezer and just lately I have noticed that it is taking the freezer a veeerry long time to return to 0 degrees if the door is opened a few times in a row. This definitely did not happen last summer...

                  2. re: flourgirl

                    Yes a lot of things in life (cell phones anyone?), refridgerators are made to perform well for a short period of time. But why create something that is going to last 20-30 years when you want their business every 5-7 years?

              2. The part arrived and today the service men came and installed it. We are no longer living out of coolers.

                The servicemen said the next part to go bad will be the panel on the door. . . water and ice part. They did say that the board they put in today is a good fix. In 2 years they have only replaced one replacement.

                I am now a happy lady. And when Mama is happy, everyone is happy.