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Jun 22, 2008 04:56 PM

You Can Go Home Again - & Eat (Thanks)

This former San Franciscan visited the wrong week: Hot, hot, hot couple of days. Thanks for the tips on this board which led me to some of these ...

An excellent little amatriciana at Ideale.

Old school "for what it is it's fun" U.S. Restaurant.

Before the afternoon ballgame very boring Paragon. Not bad food just "why bother" food.

Mini lamb burgers at the Bix were darn good but not great/ didn't like the vibe at least that night.

Pretty good Chinese at the bar at Shanghai 1930; nice music and bartender.

Very, very good cheap fried rice at the Gourmet Carousel. Whattadeal!

Completely devoid of taste Indonesian at Borobodur on Post. Did you know it is possible to make peanut sauce with NO flavor? Really.

No, no, no to Capp's Corner, rude, rude, rude -- if you're not a regular don't sit at the bar. (Did that SF cop pay? - Some things never change!) If they don't take plastic for a couple of drinks (under $20) they oughta post it before you order. I told them plastic or nothin', that was not a turnip truck that dropped me off downtown.

Thanks for the tips, and yes I left one at Capp's because I almost never stiff a server, even a jerk.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I agree 100% about Borobodur. We got some kind of fixed menu once, and it was a mountain of food. It seemed like there were half a dozen different dishes on the platter, but everything tasted exactly the same. by the next day I was unable to name anything that stood out from the pack.

    How are prices at Shanghai 1930, and is it worth checking out? On the one hand, I've always wondered why an upscale Chinese restaurant with elegant decor, first rate cocktails, and professional service seems so hard to find. On the other, I don't want to go to a place that delivers on the frills but lets the food suffer. I guess many feel as I do, hence the small number of places like Shanghai 1930.