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Jun 22, 2008 04:53 PM

Looking to move - Andersonville any good?

I'm looking to relocate to Chicago hopefully within the next couple of months and was wondering if Andersonville was a good place to move. I am on a budget and public transportation is a big option for me even though I own a car. Also,are there any good places to eat around there too? I appreciate all the feedback!

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  1. Andersonville is a great neighborhood, with lots of good restaurants along Clark Street, but I think there are better places if you want easy access to the El (the Clark Street bus is available, but not a quick way to get downtown). Why not consider Lincoln Square? It's also a great neighborhood with many good restaurants, and the Brown Line El is right there at Western and Lawrence. I would think that rents would be about the same in both places.

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      I live in Andersonville between Broadway and Clark. This is a good location because then you are very close to the El stations on Broadway but close enough to walk up to Clark for some dining.
      Food in Andersonville is great and diverse with new restaurants coming in almost monthly which keeps it fun. Within a 5-6 block stretch you can get good Italian, Mediterreanean, Middle Eastern, Japanese/Sushi, Latin American, Scandinavian, Bakeries, Korean, American Contemoprary, French, Breakfast, Health Food, Bars and Bar Food and i'm sure i'm missing others.

    2. Go to the June 19 entry "Recs for Clark & Foster"---this is Andersonville's main commercial strip and you'll find some recommendations. Red Line subway/EL runs along Broadway, buses on Broadway, Clark, & Ashland (going N-S)---good transportation. This area was originally Swedish. Clark's businesses now lean toward Middle Eastern and entire area has gentrified a lot in 15 years. Lively, fun. As per Trib's current listings, housing prices are lower in Lincoln Square, though.

      1. The only problem is that it's pretty far north. Otherwise, a nice neighborhood. It really depends on where you're working. If you have to commute to the loop, it can be a long haul. I'd look at Lakeview or Wicker Park, but prices will be higher. Uptown is cheap, a bit rough, but lots of interesting food options. When I moved here in 96, I walked all these neighborhoods first and chose my namesake, but it's very expensive now.

        Andersonville has great restaurants and it's a nice place to live. I'd take some time to look at neighborhoods first, if you can. Logan Square is probably the coolest place at the moment, but there are severe is an issue.

        As Akatonbo noted, Lincoln Square is great. Lots of food and stuff, and easy commuting. But I think it's pretty pricey now. You can search at by zip code to find apartment prices. This town is so varied, you should really look in person first, though.

        Also, as an aside, having a car here is difficult. Some neighborhoods are fine, but most mean you have to spend $120 or more a month for parking or get up early and move your car every morning. Neighborhoods without great public trans are better, but it's never easy, particularly in the winter. I got rid of mine right after I moved here. You can rent a car a lot easier for a lot less money when you need one.

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          Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to come and visit in aug to take a look around. I really dont want to just show up and try and fig it out. When you say its pretty far north is that in reference to where I guess the Magnificent Mile and all that stuff is?

        2. I'm in the process of relocating to Andersonville. The movers come next week and I'll be in my new place on the first. I'm at the very north end of Andersonville, but I really like the neighborhood. The food options are great from what I can tell. I'm excited to try all of the local options to find "my" place. Edgewater Produce on Clark is a great little grocery store with wonderful produce from what I can tell.

          I'll be looking forward to trying out my neighborhood and venturing into others. I did consider Lincoln Square, but didn't find the perfect place there. My other contender was a place in North Center, but in the end, the in-unit washer and drier and refurbed kitchen in Andersonville won it.

          I have to have a car for work, but won't be driving much to restaurants or even for groceries. From what I can tell, pretty much every neighborhood has it's budget options, which are often the great ethnic places too.


          1. I've lived in Chicago for just over 3 years, and I've lived in Andersonville the entire time. I live 1 block from the red line, and 3 blocks from Clark St. I also never have a problem parking on my street. Within a block of Clark St. and between Broadway and Sheridan, parking is a huge pain, though.

            I absolutely love it here. I love walking down Clark St. and visiting the different shops, stopping for coffee at Kopi, getting some ice cream at Sweet Occasions, or meeting friends at Hopleaf. I really only need to leave the neighborhood for trips to Target, and even that is only a few blocks away.

            There is a great neighborhood feel and the people are so friendly. Nobody has mentioned yet that Andersonville is one of Chicago's two big gay neighborhoods. I think that's a great thing, but if you don't, it's not the place for you. Gay couples and families are just as prevalent here as straight ones.

            I've found the apartment prices to be reasonable and pretty comparable to similar neighborhoods, but condos and houses are definitely a bit pricey.