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Which poutine to get at La Banquise?

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Which poutine should I get at La Banquise? My one time eating there, I tried their T-Rex, & thought it was disgusting.

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  1. As a public service, here in all its mind-boggling, artery-clogging and -- in some cases -- stomach-churning glory is the complete list. www.restolabanquise.com/index.php?pag...

    Is classical poutine the kind Mozart and Haydn ate? ;)

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    1. re: carswell

      May have, among other vices, contributed to Amadeus' short life (but I'm sure there was some kind of German sausage involved in his poutine).

    2. I'm partial to the Galvaude - it's like a hot chicken sandwich with fries and cheese thrown in for good measure. I think my arteries are clogging up at the thought of it alone...

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      1. I go for the plain. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

        1. I like the pizza poutine. But if you found the T-rex disgusting, you may not enjoy their other poutines.

          1. I like the classic, the duletton, and the vege. I would avoid the ones with wieners or bacon because it's such CHEAP quality that it really detracts rather than adds to the dish.

            1. Have you ever had a poutine that you liked? Most people here assume poutine is good, but when you look at it from a completely alien point of view a poutine IS disgusting. Poutine might just not suit you.

              Personally I like spicy food so I like the Kamikaze Poutine :P.

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                Like I like poutine(I wouldn't of started this topic, if I hated poutine), I grew up here. But most of the poutine I've tried I found it mediocre. My local Lafleurs location does a better poutine, than 90% of the other poutine places I've tried(even been to the Montreal Poutine website, to get some suggestions). The best one I've tried is probably the one I sampled in Longueuil(can't remember name of the place at this moment), but their portions were huge(a small poutine there would be enough for 3 people).

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                  Have you tried La Quebecoise in the east end? If so, what did you think?
                  I am not a poutine fan but I really like theirs. It's rated on the Montreal poutine website.

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                    I second La Quebecoise for their poutine. My other half and I braved the December 07 blizzard to try it and it was worth the trek from the Metro station.

                    Squeaky curds, rich gravy, excellent fries. Outstanding.

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                      Sorry, I only saw your response for first time this morning. No I haven't tried La Quebecoise. I have tried Poutine Lafluer(not the chain) twice on Wellington street in Verdun, after the big rave on Montreal Poutine website. First time there I found the poutine at Lafluer very disappointing. I gave them another chance, by trying them a second time, & found it fairly good, but not great.

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                        We finally tried the poutine at La Québécoise and It's really nothing to shout about. The fries are alright, and the cheese is nothing special, but the sauce was not to everyone's taste. It's the same sort of super-thick, super-salty, 40 weight gravy they serve at Lafleur. Its taste and texture is overwhelming and one of my fellow diners pouty was swimming in it.

                        I would say there's really no reason to go out of your way for this thing. There are much better poutines to be had in this town.

                        1. re: SnackHappy

                          Sorry, you did not enjoy it; many folks do go out of their way for it (on several occasions that I have been there, people from Quebec City and Vermont were there just for the poutine). Maybe you caught it on an off day or maybe it's a case of different strokes for different folks.

                          1. re: hungryann

                            Maybe we did go there on a off day. But based on what I had there on Sunday, I don't think I'll waste the calories on giving it another shot. It just wasn't that great. Certainly not on the same level as Ma'am Bolduc or Banquise

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                        Have you had the Patati-Patata poutine? Their sauce is quite different from La Banquise's. It has red wine in it, iirc.

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                          Been to Patati-Patata once or twice, but never tried their poutine. I'll try it soon.

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                            Finally tried the poutine at Patati-Patata yesterday. Found it pretty good, but not outstanding. Yes, it's the sauce that makes it different, & it's the best component of their poutine. Along with their poutine, I tried their burger. Their burgers are actually mini-burgers(fairly tasty).

                            Next on my list to try is La Banquise(I'm leaning towards trying their classic or duletton).

                      3. I actually really like the chou (cabbage) poutine, because I like the crunchy texture of the cabbage in contrast to the sludginess - and I use that term in the most endearing way - of the poutine.

                        Also, the addition of cabbage to the poutine instantly transforms it into a healthy late-night snack.

                        1. I like the Elvis, has added sauteed green peppers and hamburger pieces. It somehow reminds me of a stirfry tossed on poutine.

                          But since I'm avoiding cow products I haven't had it for awhile. On that topic, Frit Alors has a nice chevre poutine, btw. I don't think La Banquise offers other cheeses.

                          1. BTW, I've tried the foie gras poutine at Au Pied de Cochon. Not impressed!

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                            1. re: BLM

                              No disrespect but you sound like a person who really wants to like poutine but truly doesn't enjoy the stuff. I understand. I'm the same way when it comes to fish bladder soup.

                                1. re: mrbozo

                                  I'm saying most poutine out there is not really that good(just like it's very hard to find a very good burger in the city). I "really really" wanted to like La Banquise on my first visit however.

                              1. At la Banquise, I like the regular or the Elvis (minus green pepper).

                                Do you think it would be sacrilegious to order a poutine with half the sauce? I always find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sauce on poutine, and fishing for the sauceless bits.

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                                1. re: mainsqueeze

                                  The customer is always right, eh?

                                  Me, I always order my poutine sans cheese and sans sauce...

                                  1. re: carswell

                                    Ah yes, the Lady Godiva poutine...

                                      1. re: andrewm

                                        I just had an image of Carswell riding au natural on a white horse, fries shining in the sunlight. <shudders>...

                                  2. To expand on the poutine comparisons, I finally had a chance to try the Madame Bolduc Mexicaine poutine. Fries, gravy, cheese curds, ground beef, mushrooms, sauce brun, fried onions and bell peppers, jalapenos, and processed cheese slices. Yeah, i know, sounds like overkill. But it wasn't bad! Here is my assessment:

                                    Fries: I like them, but they are pale, and I usually prefer a darker brown colour, and slightly crispier external layer. But good enough.

                                    Cheese curds: These cheese curds did not squeak, and in fact melted into strands of cheese. For me, this is a no-go. I like solid curds, good squeak on the teeth to ensure freshness, and there weren't a lot of them anyways (in all fairness, there were so many other toppings, there probably wasn't enough room).

                                    Brown sauce: tasty. Just the right amount of salt and flavour.

                                    Other toppings: I loved the jalapenos - this is the reason I ordered the Mexicaine poutine. Brilliance to put them on poutine. Beef was good, slightly charred but in a good way, it was very flavourful. Onions, peppers and mushrooms were well cooked and very tasty, excellent additions. The processed cheese is advertised to be chedar cheese, so i was a little put off by it, plus it didn't really fit with the rest of the poutine. I panicked when I saw the processed cheese, I was worried there would be no other cheese until I saw the regular cheese curds tucked into the bulk of the poutine.

                                    This was a very good dish, if somewhat cluttered in concept. I'd order it again, but not if I was in the mood for poutine. It is overly complicated, and strays too much from my concept of poutine. BTW it is a lot of food!!! I only finished half of the small! About $9 for a small.

                                    1. Went to La Banquise Friday mid-afternoon(July 11th). It was very good(much better poutine this time, after bad first experience). Tried their duleton after a recommendation here. The T-Rex on my first time there, I didn't enjoy maybe partly because I had it for take-out, & it's way too much toppings.

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                                      1. re: BLM

                                        Take-out is never good for poutine, in my opinion, because the fries get soggy really fast.

                                        1. re: BLM

                                          The only time i tried the T-Rex i ended up not finishing it. I think it was because it had too much meat. I would like any of the toppings individually (except maybe the hot dog) but together it ends up not working. Since then i have stuck with the choux. Why mess with a good thing?

                                          Also have you tried ma'am bolduc? There was some grumbling about QC issues on this board as well as from some of my friends but the last two times i went it was superb. I hope everything is back on track with them.

                                          1. re: blond_america

                                            Haven't been to Ma'am Bolduc yet.

                                        2. I tried the veggie poutine when I was there. It was okay, but I was a bit disappointed that the cheese curds didn't squeek! I thought for sure if there was one place in the city that could get it right it's La Banquise. Apparently the hunt continues...

                                          I'm still deciding whether I like specialty poutines. So far my gut says classic is the way to go.

                                          My favourite poutine is and has always been Pizza Nikko's in the West Island. Nice thick fries with great tasting gravy. Still no squeeks but we do take-out there so that might be why.

                                          1. Went back to La Banquise on Sunday for breakfast and ended up ordering the egg and tomato club sandwich, swapping the fries for poutine. Talk about an early-bird meal. The cheese was delightfully fresh, I think I even heard a few squeeks.

                                            What a great place. We had like three different servers too. The last one even wrote "have a nice day" on the bill. :)

                                            1. My favorites in order are:
                                              1) original
                                              2) Galvaude - with chicken and peas (yes, I know it sounds weird but is delicious
                                              3) bacon
                                              I do not recommend the one with smoked meat. Too heavy, and pretty odd.

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                                              1. re: sophie fox

                                                I dunno, the bacon they use is low quality: heavily, heavily salted and the smoke flavour is very artificial.

                                                On another note, the hot dogs at La Banquise are among the best in town. Their choux is comparatively sophisticated (has carrot and parsley, I think) as far as hot dog topping go. I like a toasté, tout garni at La Banquise a lot, actually. They have merguez hot dogs which are excellent but about twice the price.

                                                1. re: Delmare

                                                  I find all the poutines with bacon at La Banquise quite gross. I think bacon on a poutine is overkill anyway.

                                                  To me it's all about the Poutine Chouxxx. I also like the Duleton and the Galvaude.

                                                  1. re: SnackHappy

                                                    The bacon makes it too salty. Add 4 kinds of meat, and you're still alright, but add the bacon and the poutine is kinda unedible.

                                                    I love decarie hot dogs poutine.