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Jun 22, 2008 04:52 PM

Baranof for B'fast today

One of the weekly papers recently wrote favorably about Baranof, the old dive place in my 'hood. I've always avioded it but decided to give a go. The service was terrible and the food was mediocre. I had the homemade corned beef hash, which was mostly potato with a little corned beef. My SO's bacon egg and pancake was nothing special either. Lots of scary alcoholic types coming and going from the bar @ mid-morning, different music blaring in the bar than in the resto.

The only thing remarkable was how awful people in their 30s and 40s will look if they drink 24 hours a day.

Now that Salmon Bay Cafe has gone downhill, I'd love to find a regular old b'fast place that's good but not all chic-with-a-line-out-the-door somewhere in the greater Ballard area. suggestions??

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  1. Wow, that was brave! I've been for drinks and that was enough for me, though I kind of like having a place like that in the neighborhood.

    Have you tried Vera's? Not chic, no lines, good service, and the food is the same type that you'd get at Salmon Bay (what I remember Salmon Bay to be like, that is--it's been a while, but I remember the food being pretty typical diner food). When I'm in the mood for that kind of thing, Vera's is the place I go.

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      I don't think Vera's is good either. Nice people, decent service, but I'm thinking the only decent breakfast left in Ballard is places you have to wait in line to get in to. Love the Senor Moose, love the Dish, but there's waitin' and hopin' involved. I'm one of the last holdouts in Ballard in a good rental place and there should be a place for me here, for a little longer at least.

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        I'm a big fan of Pete's eggs nest on Greenwood. But a little less hectic is Patty's Egg Nest on Holman road in the same complex as QFC. My times at Vera's have been cheap, decent and utterly unremarkable. I also have a thing for Beth's on Aurora but only because greasy hash browns are a weakness of mine. Everything else is just O.K. but damn I like those has browns.

        If you're willing to go to Baranoff (I went once) then those aren't too far.

        1. re: Kevin B

          I live right by Pete's and so have ended up there numerous times; it is definitely the same or below Vera's in quality. Fine if you just want that standard diner food but not like the other places the OP likes.

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          how about Volterra (weekends, at least)?

      2. Thanks for the report, I've always been curious about the Baranof for breakfast.

        If you feel like venturing to Fremont, you should give Costa's a try for breakfast. Nothing like eggs and their yummy greek potatoes. Never a wait either & great service. Their bloody marys are kinda lame though.

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        1. re: GreenLakeDave

          ya know...I think Costa's is pretty better-than-just edible standard greek fare so I would imagine they'd have decent breakfasts. Truly, tho, I suggest you try to do breakfast my experience, there's no place in the Ballard environ that can do good qualtity organic eggs (cooked in high-quality butter), yummy low-preservative bacon and whole grain toast like YOU can.Once you get 'in the groove' of doing it yourself....there would be no place else that does it nearly as well!

          1. re: staffstuff

            If I'm going out for breakfast, it's because I'm probably working 6 days/wk. No interest in domestic things besides the bare minimum.

            Costas soounds like a good tip, thanks.

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              In Re: Costas - Have not done this for years, but once enjoyed ventures there to make meals of appetizers. On a warm Seattle summer evening, a few plates of skordalia, houmos, karamalakia, taramosalata, skordalia (oh, did I already mention that? - made with bread and weird that way, but did the GARLIC job fully), was just the cat's pajamas. Chased wtih perfectly awful retsina, it was romantic and Mediterranean and perfect. As this "small plates" way was not yet fashionable, a certain amount of explaining was needed, but we always got served, after a fashion, and enjoyed our trip. Our observation of Costas' menu was that the deliciosity was inversely proportional to price, which worked out quite well, thank you. We never dod go there for breakfast, but it sounds like a likely experience.

          2. I like Neighborhood Cafe at 70th st and 14th ave. A little off the main track, so less likely to have a lineup.

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              I think this might be the space at which my El Paso colleague and I were once able to get border-style Mexican food. Not something you see every day, around here. The "off-the-mainstream" thing made me a little wistful, because, by appearances, these lovely folks (and good cookers, too) hoped that opening a joint in El Norte would make a bonanza, and they were disappointed at the difference a block can make. The surmisal in my head right now is all about that where an obscure Mexican joint might not catch fire in fisherland, a good breakfast place probably will. How long has it been there? and can you say any more about the place? the food?

            2. I am so disappointed by breakfast options in Greenwood now that the Pig n Whistle closed. They had a fantastic breakfast. If I don't feel like driving far, I go to the Library Cafe on 85th & Dibble (btwn 8th & 9th).

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                according to the window, the pig and whistle will be reopening under new ownership with a new menu later this summer...

              2. For a good but divey place that is actually fairly tasty there is always Beth's. Sure there is drawings of randomness on the walls and the waitresses have more ink on them then War and Peace, I think its part of the charm, and the food is pretty much carbs and more carbs with Meat, but this is a definite improvement over Baranof, more kitschy in a good way and better food. And I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes, although if I go its really late. Great place to take people when they first come to Seattle :)