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Jun 22, 2008 04:47 PM

One Night in Jackson Hole, with kids

Where to go? We will have just spent 6 days in Yellowstone, with an 8 year old and a 12 year old. I know it's a resort area so the choices will be enormous, anyone have any place special they'd recommend? It can be a little pricey, as long as it's not ridiculous, and obviously somewhat kid friendly, although the kids are well behaved and enjoy a good meal as much as we do. Thanks!

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  1. Are you going to Jackson Hole (the resort) or Jackson (the town). If the latter, eating opportunities in all styles and price ranges abound. If the former, the Many Moose Saloon is informal, fun and relatively inexpensive. Other than that, most of the long-running lodging properties have been replaced by very fancy and very elegant resorts with dining priced to match.

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      Oops. That was supposed to be "Mangy Moose" not "Many Moose." There's only one :-)

    2. One of my favorite Four Season Resorts is Jackson Hole at Teton Village..
      I don't know what your price point is but check the FS website or maybe Expedia..

      1. It's been so long sine I've been there..... Is Jedediah's House of Sourdough still there? Breakfast & Lunch. The food is as awesome as the scenery. This place is responsible for part of my current obsession with baking.