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Jun 22, 2008 04:46 PM

Ribs / San Mateo area - beef preferred-need help!

So my dad is visiting in a few days and his tastes are totally different from mine - "well anything, American, ribs...." I usually don't eat American and rarely eat meat so.....

what do you suggest - my guess is he would like braised ?short ribs b/c they are tender (can you tell I'm out of my comfort zone?). He tends to be uncomfortable in really upscale places and really isn't adventurous as all. HELP

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  1. This might fit the bill, but it's take out only :


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    1. re: bbqman

      The last time I was at Gorilla, they said they made pork ribs only.

    2. Call Left Bank. It is not on menu at present but may be a special.

      1100 Park Place
      San Mateo CA 94403
      (650) 345-2250 phone

      1. He doesn't want short ribs (braised), he wants bbq. Closest thing in San Mateo is Little Biscuit House (, but if he's not adventurous then a chain like TGIF or Outback will probably fit the bill. There are a lot of their food pics on Yelp.

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        1. re: orezscu

          Thanks - but while he may like the chain I have to eat too and I don't think I can at TGIF or Outback :( Got to find a place where I can find SOMETHING for me too.

          1. re: estnet

            You could try Windy City Pizza on el camino in San Mateo. BBQ plus pizza, a few salads as well.

          2. re: orezscu

            I ditto Lil Biscuit House, tho I don't think they do beef ribs. They do baby backs, pulled pork, ribeyes etc. Very reasonable prices, service is always good.

            1. re: rednails

              >Very reasonable prices, service is always good.<

              But how is the barbecue?

                1. re: rednails

                  Little Biscuit is okay...I wouldn't say excellent. Last time I had their pulled pork the pork it was on the musshy side. The ribs were flavored okay but came out extremely hot...They probably weren't even bbqing them at 200-250. Their fried chicken is probably the best thing on their menu.

            2. re: orezscu

              I don't know from my reading the sentence "what do you suggest - my guess is he would like braised ?short ribs b/c they are tender" is not that he wants bbq but because (b/c) they are tender. Estnet please clarify.

              1. re: wolfe

                I think what he likes is tender "falling off the bone" beef so that is why I was thinking of short ribs. I almost never eat beef so I'm clueless (if I have ribs they are pork but he's a beef guy). As you can tell we live far apart and don't eat together often.

            3. Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City has "miner's bones"...bbq beef ribs. I've never had them...I think it's the Friday night special, they don't have it everynight. There's also one in Foster City by 92, where the Home Depot is...

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              1. re: peppatty

                Thanks - he'll be here on Wednesday and they have something called St. Louis ribs - anyone know what those are?

                1. re: estnet

                  I assume they are bbq pork ribs.

                  1. re: peppatty

                    Around here it is a preparation of pork spare ribs. Even Safeway sells them. You can get them presauced at Costco in cryopack. They are a special trim.

                2. re: peppatty

                  It would be tough to recommend Harry's to anyone, since it's a volume-churnin' cafeteria that slings dubious Lawry's-choked steam table bib-n-tucker to the Champagne Music set. That said, I have eaten there several times, and the Miner's Bones are to be avoided at all costs, as they are very likely that. For someone who loves value for money, though, you really get a loaded tray for a relatively low cost. Think heavily upholstered Boston Market with a 1970s vibe and full bar.

                  Armadillo Willy's, on the other hand, might be just what you're looking for. A safe, consistent play with plenty of flavor, and very filling. Good suggestion.

                  1. re: orezscu

                    Well, estnet did say her dad was not adventurous. It would be the type of place that her dad may feel comfortable. Like I said, I've never had the miner's bones, but other than Armadillo Willy's which I believe only has brisket and not bbq beef bones, I could only offer Harry's as a suggestion since they do have what estnet was looking for. So there, you big meanie.

                    1. re: peppatty

                      Yes my dad would (sadly) be VERY comfortable at Harry's ;) I get my dark meat turkey and stuffing fix at least once a year there (but usually to go - it's too depressing for me to eat there).

                      Armadillo had texas bbq ribs and baby back (which even I know are pork) are texas beef?

                      1. re: peppatty

                        Truth is I lived in Texas for 18 years and Armadillo Willy's is simply not authentic Texas brisket. It is not tender or smoky enough. In addition, in Texas they never put meat in their beans. Beans are an economical staple and meat would never be added to it but Willy's puts ground beef in theirs.

                  2. I haven't heard any reports recently, but Armadillo Willy's specialty is Texas-style beef brisket, and they also have several kinds of ribs (which at Texas-style places usually include beef):

                    Armadillo Willy's BBQ
                    2260 Bridgepointe Pkwy, Foster City, CA 94404

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                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Ah .. Armadillo Willy's might just fit the bill (and I could tolerate it too :) ), can anyone compare AW to Windy City Pizza if you've eaten at both? Quality of food, reasonable service? Thanks

                      1. re: estnet

                        stopped at Windy City on the way back from the airport - my dad was VERY impressed (esp. with cheap price using coupon - one slab beef ribs at $22 with free pint side order was enough for 3 (not very big) eaters). BBQ sauce was tasty, food was served too cool for me when i requested them to heat it up, I was cheerfully accommodated.
                        I highly recommend this place for the type of place it is - not a chain, EXTREMELY friendly and helpful staff (esp Francesca).
                        I could have done without the shouting for the sports on TV - but it was good natured and just 'cause I don't like it doesn't mean I couldn't appreciate the friendliness and community of the people who were participating.

                          1. re: estnet

                            Glad your dad was happy. What sides did you order?

                            1. re: rworange

                              He wanted the coleslaw, which was okay - I'm not a fan and it was not memorable but not awful. I was interested in the cinnamon apple -which they claimed was made with fresh apples (had asked for a taste but I forgot and so did they).
                              Tried to do a place link but I blew it the first time - I'll see if I can do it right this time.

                              Windy City Pizza
                              35 Bovet Rd, San Mateo, CA 94402