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Jun 22, 2008 04:46 PM

Cabbage in garlic sauce at Jo Jo Taipei

This gets my nomination for dish of the year. It's 1" pieces of crunchy green cabbage in a sweet, sour, and spicy oil that tastes oddly like Cool Ranch Doritos. Bits of thinly sliced garlic, scallions, and Thai chilies create a truly harmonious flavor.

Regarding other dishes:

Tea smoked duck is succulent and smoky. It's better than most but not as good as Fuloon's, which is more tender (and you can eat most of the bones in that version).

Salted crispy chicken is served on the bone, and a bit spicy, but not salty enough. MuLan is still the winner here.

Eggplant with basil is decent, but still has nothing on the Taiwan Cafe version.

The bitter melon with spicy sauce is thin slices of crunchy bitter melon doused in a mustard sauce (or, rather, a mixture of mustard powder and water). The wasabi-like flavor shoots directly up your nose as you eat the melon, masking some of the bitter flavor in an unexpected way.

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  1. Had it. Loved it. I don't know about the doritos part, but I agree it's a near-perfect melange of flavor and texture.

    1. Sounds very tempting. Was this one of the appetizers they peddle to you on the tray before you order?

      Dish of the year is a grand accolade indeed. Better than the bourbon-braised pork shoulder entree at Hungry Mother?

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      1. re: teaTomE

        It's not complimentary, it's in the menu somewhere.

        Perhaps whichever one of us eats both of these dishes first can make a comparison.

        1. re: Luther

          Ahh - so it's not the complimentary cabbage. That was a nice but plasticky cabbage. I liked it, but it surprised me that you were giving it so much praise.

          1. re: Luther

            Specifically, it's under the "tofu and vegetables" section, which I believe is on the last page of the menu.

            It is indeed a damn fine dish.