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Jun 22, 2008 04:23 PM

Israeli couscous

Does anyone know a place to buy Israeli couscous in SD? I didn't see any at Whole Foods or Jonathan's. I used to order it from a great grain company in MN, but now they only sell large quantities to restaurants.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You might want to try
      By the way, I just learned something interesting from reading Joyce Goldstein's latest book, "Mediterranean Fresh", that Israeli couscous is neither Israeli nor couscous. To quote: "It is made from semolina pasta balls called berkukis or magrebiyya and was probably introduced to Israel by Sephardic Jews".

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      1. Trader Joe's has a mix that contains Israeli couscous, but it's along with baby garbanzos and a bunch of other stuff:

        1. Just last week I noticed Israeli couscous at the Vons in La Costa. The store is located on the corner of La Costa Ave. and Alga St. This is the same package that I buy at the Israeli markets in L.A. Just check out the kosher section in that store.

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            Right--a lot of places just call it pearl couscous.
            I am hoping for something near PB or Hillcrest. Maybe I should check Henry's?
            Or a great mailorder source will work. Is fregula the same thing?

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              They're not quite the lorijoboo says, fregola is usually toasted and Israeli couscous is not, so while they look similar, fregola is (to me) a more complex taste. It really is great in soups...I've done kind of a saffron fish soup with fregola before that's great winter eating.

              According to an SFGate article, you can get it at Dean & Deluca...

          2. I've bought Israeli couscous at the Whole Foods in La Jolla (found it in the bulk bins) within in the past 2 months - so I'm pretty sure they still sell it.

            I've never been able to find it at any Henry's, though.