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Jun 22, 2008 04:12 PM

Uses for Champagne besides drinking

I have 2 bottles of champagne received as holiday gifts.We don't care for champagne and these have been around maybe 2-3 years. Would they still be good to use for something and if so what for ? I thought of jelly, but would it be too subtle ?

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  1. You can use it as you would any white wine, like in sauces.

    1. you can send it over here!


      in addition to bubbles' sauce suggestion, i love champagne beautifully on salads with shellfish [or alternatively, with strawberries or raspberries].

      1. If it is a good champagne, don't waste it by cooking with it. Give it to me instead. Or at least to someone who appreciates the good stuff. I would just choke telling you to pour Taitinger or Piper in your seafood sauce. It's a waste.

        If it is cheap champagne, (under $16 a bottle domestic or that horrid stuff in the black bottle that is not from France), I think the flavor is so bad that it might just ruin your food. In that case, try saving it for a brunch punch that you can make by floating strawberries and sorbet in, or you might also be able to make white sangria with it. You are supposed to start with cheap wine for both of these things anyway. With sangria, you add brandy, orange liqueuer, peach schnapps, sugar, club soda and sliced apples and oranges to it, so it is truly a great disguise for terrible wine. Punch can be made by emptying a container of sorbet into the champagne, adding a couple of cans of sprite and floating sliced sliced strawberries in it.

        1. California Home Cooking by Michele Anna Jordan has recipes for fruit soups that are great for summer and use white wine and/or champagne. The Melon Gazpacho (pg. 79) for example:
          4 cups melon puree, from about 2lbs melon
          1 cup champagne
          1-2 serrano chiles, minced
          4 cups diced melon
          2Tblsp. sliced mint leaves
          2Tblsp. minced cilantro

          Combine, chill, serve. Warning - try your chiles first. I think I got a jalapeno mixed in with my serranos (which I don't normally find that spicy) and ended up with a VERY spicy soup!

          1. Sorbet. add simple syrup and freeze.Because of the alcohol, it'll take a little longer to finish, but not a lot.

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              Zabaglione-very simple and delicious served over seasonal fruit-peaches are ideal.