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Jun 22, 2008 04:01 PM

Where to get good take-out lunch for day at the beach?

Heading to Spring Lake for a day at the beach! Looking for good, portable, somewhat healthy food that can be picked up on the way - will be going down Route 18 and through Avon and Belmar to get there... Thanks!

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  1. Isn't Spring Lake one of those towns that prohibits food on the beach?

    1. Whether or not food is permitted at the actual beach, I too would love to know some good takeout places in the Spring Lake area.


      1. Food is not permitted on the beach in Spring Lake, the OP is correct.
        However, Joe Leone's in PPB is a great stop for all types of take out food. It gets very crowded on the weekends, so try to get there early if you can.

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          Joe Leone's opened a new location in Sea Girt - I belive called Gastronomica?? It should have everything you need for a day at the beach. It's very close to Rod's

          1. re: briellefoodie

            Thank you - Gastronomica is only a mile and a half from Spring Lake it looks like - sounds good - I will try that -

            I forgot you can't eat at the beach there - so maybe the boardwalk and then I'll go lay out....

            Thanks again - it's been years since I've been down there - can't wait :-)