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Jun 22, 2008 02:57 PM

PDX trip report (long) & thanks

wanted to say thank you to all the PDX hounds who answered questions, and also to all previous posters/newcomers whose research i piggybacked on!
day 1: got in too late for dinner (our bodies thought it was 11 pm) but needed to remove the taste of carry-on airport food, so after we checked into our hotel we wandered down to Veritable Quandary for drinks & apps. bacon-wrapped dates were especially yummy.
day 2: walking tour of your fair city, followed by lunch at Bijou Cafe (loved the soba salad), midday coffee at Stumptown, and dinner at Wildwood. DH had salmon, i had roasted chicken (i never order chicken for dinner but was glad i did).
day 3: went out to the rose garden (WOW. WOW. WOW) and the Japanese garden (a quieter wow), hit ten 01 for lunch. then a meander through Powell's (wow!) and a stop at Voodoo for two alarmingly heavy cream-filled doughnuts. the doughnuts were still in our minds & stomachs by dinnertime at Higgins, but we managed nicely. DH had salmon again (when in Rome, he says), i had a lovely lamb shank. these were preceded by enormous salads that could have been dinners in themselves.
day 4: rented a car & hit the waterfalls. we wound up in Hood River around lunchtime and ate at a cute little spot called Sage's. lots of sandwich & wrap choices. dinner was at Sel Gris, quite noisy on a Tuesday night! DH had venison, i had housemade pasta with peas & goat cheese--also a really great app of sweetbreads. we had dessert at Pix (two variations of chocolate goodness).
day 5: wine country. we hit Archery Summit (did a guided tour there, well worth it) & Argyle, then had lunch at Dundee Bistro which was not overly memorable but served promptly by very friendly waitstaff. also hit Torii Mor & Lange. dinner at Paley's Place--DH had salmon one last time (sous vide, and quite incredible), i had farro for the first time and loved it.
it was a fun trip with perfect weather, not a drop of rain the whole time. everyone was really, really NICE (i'm from CT and we just don't behave that way)...i had read about some service gripes on citysearch but we had excellent service everywhere.
also, we took Trimet whenever we could, and were never asked to show our tickets...are you people that trusting?

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  1. Thanks for the trip report, rudysmom! You went to many of the places that are on our list. So what was your favorite dinner spot?

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      Thanks for the report. By doing so, you encourage us to help others.
      Tri-Met within downtown is free. On the light rail there are fare inspectors. Glad you were so carried away by our friendliness. And that the J-Garden was an appropriately quieter "wow" (that's the point!).

      Glad you made it to Paley's, my favorite special-occasion place!

      1. re: Leonardo

        we took light rail from the airport when we got in, and out to Washington Park, & nobody checked.
        our fave---hmmm...hard to was interesting for DH to have salmon three completely different ways but i think he especially liked Paleys' preparation.
        we were seated in a booth at Higgins, which made me immediately cozy. easier to talk there, plus our waiter was fun.
        i asked DH if he had a favorite, and the consensus was that everything was strong across the board. we would happily go back to all of them, someday.